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13/07 2011

The results of Odessa seminar were summed up

July 8, 2011, the results of seminar on HP LIFE program for secondary school teachers of the ORT school network conducted on the base of Odessa ORT School were summed up.

Within five days fifteen teachers from ORT schools network of Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine acquainted with the newly developed curriculum and discussed the prospects of training of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship at secondary school.

Trainings were conducted by Ana Barfield and Brankica Canic, Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute from Geneva (MEA-I).

After seminars conclusion its participants gave their feedback:

Ana Barfield, Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute from Geneva (MEA-I).

Today we are coming to the end of our 5-day seminar in Odessa, the Ukraine, that was organized between the Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute from Geneva, World ORT and supported by HP. As usual with any seminar thats organized in this cooperation, everything was extremely well and me and my co-Master Trainer were really delighted to see so many people from the Ukraine, from Russia and from other countries from the former Soviet Union. We are really eagerly waiting evaluations of our seminar because we delivered the brand new HP Life program here for the first time and in fact this was the first seminar in Russian  on the HP-LIFE program. So we are hoping to receive positive results on the evaluations tomorrow and from my perspective as trainer and I think as organizers as well of this seminar we can say that  we are absolutely happy with how this week went and we really hope that in the future well be able to keep in contact with all the trainers who attended this week and we hope to meet them in Odessa, an absolutely beautiful town, or somewhere else in the world.

Teresa Segaliene, participant of the seminar, Shalom Aleichemo Jewish School, Vilnius

I am sincerely grateful to those people who developed this course, which appearance
is very timely. School and community need it as a tool that is to help
you to find a place in the world and to earn for your bread and butter. I like teaching methods developed up to least details.
Our dear lecturers Ana and Brankica deserve the highest respect - always
punctual, always friendly and always very well prepared -
they are professionals. Thank you.

Oksana Borovik, a participant of the seminar, Center for Education # 1311 "Techiya", Moscow

Hello, my name is Oksana Borovik. I am  a teacher of social science of school # 1311 in Moscow, Russia. I am very grateful to the Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute MEA-I in Geneva, for having organized this seminar, for that they developed this program and for that they taught us during this time. I am very grateful for ORT, allowing this seminar to be held here in Odessa, because I learned a lot at this seminar... In my work and in my life I like clear structure, clear system and I always try to create it in the classroom, because I think it's easier to be understood. I liked the structured approach, based on the psychology of understanding of the material, which is peculiar to this program, HP-LIFE. I will use certainly not only a part of the course,  but maybe I'll be able to conduct a complete course for young entrepreneurs. I am sure that Ill use the concept and approach to the presentation of the material on the lessons and not only in that section, which deals with the economy.


Anna Michurina, Senior expert of R&D Department,  ORT CIS

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