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06/10 2011

HP LIFE Program webinar in October


On October 4, 2011 HP, the Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute MEA-I (Geneva) and ORT organized a webinar for certified trainers and managers of training centers working in the HP LIFE program. The purpose of the webinar was to inform the trainers about the new LIFE Curriculum, translated into Russian and to present the new online teacher-training platform, the LIFE Online Method.

The seminar was attended by 22 trainers and managers of HP LIFE organizations and HP LIFE training centers, from Belarus, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Ukraine. The seminar was opened by Natalia Semenova, Administrative & Program Specialist, HP Labs, of HP Russia.

Igor Belousov, Manager, who works with official bodies in Ukraine, CIS and Central and Eastern European countries, answered the participants questions about the recent changes within HP Russia, and their influence on the corporate social responsibility policy.

Then presentations were made by Sergey Gorinskiy, ORT Russia Director, and Ana Barfield, Training Programs Specialist, Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute (MEA-I, Geneva).

During this seminar, the participants learnt about the changes in methodology behind the new LIFE Curriculum; and were introduced to the LIFE Online Method, that, as already certified trainers, they can use to refresh their knowledge on how to deliver LIFE training.

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