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Student of Samara ORT Gesher School took part at the International Conference "The Holocaust: Memory and Warning"


Student of the 11th grade of Samara ORT "Gesher"  Valeriya Akulina took part in the 9th  International Conference of students "The Holocaust: Memory and Warning" in Moscow.

Valeria made the report "The system of accounting of prisoners of Auschwitz concentration camp. Using documents of Samara Professor Daniel Klovsky and his father David Klovsky" (supervisor: Jewish cycle teacher Sofia Nayda).

The program was very intensive: at the beginning students had a tour of the Museum of Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Memorial Synagogue at Poklonnaya Hill, which was held by Mr.A.S.Engels, Director of the Museum.

In the Great Hall of the Synagogue the Conference had been opened by the Co-Chairman of the Center for Holocaust and RSUH Professor Mr. I.A.Altman. Participants of the conference had been greeted by the President of the Holocaust Foundation Mrs. Alla Gerber, President of RJC   Mr. Yu.I.Kanner, First Secretary of the Israeli Embassy in Russia Mrs. Noah Ginosar, Director of the UN Information Center in Moscow Mr. V.V. Kuznetsov.

On January 26, at the first day, Valery was at the memorial evening devoted to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day in the "Novaya Opera" theater, where they were seeing  excerpts from the "Passenger" new opera.

The second day was held at the Museum of Contemporary History. Valeria gave a presentation in the section "History of the Holocaust: concentration camps and their release." At the end of the day there was a tour - visiting the Museums diorama.

The third day of the conference was held at the Institute for History and Archivesof Russian State University of Humanities. At the end of the session, a round table on "The participation of youth in the modern study and memorialization of the Holocaust: current problems and prospects" was conducted.

"This conference - shared Lera her impressions on arrival provoked a huge amount of thought and emotion. The issues that had been raised at the meetings, they are very relevant today. Is a repeat of the Holocaust possible? How to keep the memory of it? I heard a lot of wonderful and interesting presentations and found many adherents. WE had a very interesting training. This conference turned my eyes to what is happening around me. Despite the fact that this year I finish school, I will definitely continue working on this issue. We must join together to confront the growing of phenomena of anti-Semitism and nationalism in our society. I hope that next year will come to the conference, but not for school students, but for University ones. Thanks to the Russian Center Holocaust for the invitation to this conference students. Looking forward to see you again! ".

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Student of the Samara School # 42,Student of Samara ORT School won the photo competition "My ORTLife Instagram"


Student of the Samara School # 42, ORT "Gesher" Anastasia Kozhina won the photo competition "My ORTLife Instagram", initiated by the World ORT for its network schools in order to develop the communication of ORT students from different countries with the help of new technologies, in particular the Instagram Tagboard.


ORT provides professional IT education for Hillel students


In the beginning of this academic year, Hillel Moscow together with Moscow ORT school launched a joint initiative to open doors of Cisco Network Academy for the Hillel students.

Our mission is to provide access to the best education for the Russian Jewish community. Using our experience in Technology Education we can help young people to improve their knowledge, acquire new skills and become more competitive and valuable in the job market. The Russian IT sector is actively developing and we are happy that we have an opportunity to respond to the current trends and challenges and prepare young Jewish students for the most appealing professions. This is an investment in their future. Mikhail Libkin, ORT Russia director of development.

Cisco Network Academy was opened in Moscow ORT Technology school as well as in other ORT educational institutions five years ago based on a Memorandum to raise the level of ICT training in Russian schools signed in June 2012 .

More than 100 ORT school students received professional Cisco Certificates together with their School diplomas.  This year ORT and Hillel decided to expand the program for Hillel students. Students will take CCENT course, which provides knowledge and practical skills in building and supporting computer networks as well as the fundamentals of the Internet.

In Hillel our goal is to open doors to Jewish community for students as well as take care of their professional future. They are in the beginning of their careers, they are eager to find the best job possible that is why we see this initiative as a very important one. This is the first project in our road map of providing possibilities of professional development for our students. IT-related jobs are very popular in Russia now, we are happy to help our students to become more valuable on Russian job market. Elena Voltsinger, Hillel Russia director.

A pilot group of six Hillel students started to study in Moscow ORT Schools Cisco Academy this autumn. Hillel and ORT subsidized a significant part of cost of their fees for this course to make it possible for them to take it. The course has been specifically adapted to take into account the proverbial Generation Z. This makes the subject matter and practical skills better geared for the perception of "digital natives" students, thus make great the learning process more efficient.

Since I was little, I knew that IT is the future. This course is touching a lot on the subject of Internet of Things, which is the main trend in IT now. I havent yet decided on my future profession but Im so inspired by this fantastic experience. It is almost like you can look inside the Internet universe, which is hidden from the regular users. Polyna Kagan, Moscow Cinematography University student, program participant.

This course gives me very unique practical knowledge and skills in computer networks. Im sure that those skills and Cisco certificate will help me improve my position and work background where Im currently working and expand the range of the opportunities for my future career. I would like to thank Hillel and ORT for subsidizing the cost of this study. Egor Lekukh, young IT Specialist, program participant.

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Cisco Network Academy at ORT Moscow Technology School is announced the best


Cisco Network Academy at ORT Moscow Technology School is announced the best among school academies in Russia in 2015-2016 academic year.

In June 2012, Cisco and ORT Russia signed a memorandum of understanding. The same year Cisco Network Academies were opened in several ORT educational institutions. Over the past 4 years more than 100 high school students of ORT Moscow Technology School obtained prestigious Cisco professional certificates.

Studying at a Cisco Network Academy is highly appreciated both by children and their parents. Through this project our school reached a new level of teaching practical IT skills. A school-leaver finishes school with one or two professional certificates, which are of great value on the labor market and gives significant advantage to University applicants, noted Marina Moiseeva, Moscow ORT Technology School principal, at the Annual Forum for Cisco Academies Instructors in Russia.

In 2014-2015 academic year the Instructors of ORT Moscow Technology School Cisco Academy Ilya Spivak and Arkadiy Gordon were recognized the best trainers among the all schools of Russia. On April 7, at the Annual Forum for Cisco Academies Instructors of Russia the school and its instructors were granted diplomas and prizes. Marina Moiseeva gave a master-class on ways of realizing Cisco Network Academy program at school.

ORT gives our students access to the most up-to-date and in-demand educational programs. Collaboration with Cisco is one of the good examples of our business to NGO cooperation in FSU region. Cisco Network Academies are running efficiently at Moscow and Kiev ORT schools. Such projects attract parents and the communitys attention to the school. We are happy that our students get the best out of modern education, noted Mikhail Libkin, the Director of Development of ORT Russia.

At the moment an introduction one year course is taught at school IT Essentials and an basic course for networking professionals CCNA. Over 30 students take these courses each year.

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New equippment gives new facilities and opportunities


Center "ORT-KesherNet" in Tula has existed for over 13 years (since 2002). From the earliest days the Center serves as the city social computer center. Over the years, more than five thousand people of different nationalities have been trained here, and thanks to the knowledge and skills they could change their life for the better: to raise their social status, keep their job or to find a better one, to earn additional income.

Quite a few, and those who simply become advanced users of PC, and very grateful for the fact that studying at the center opened the world of modern information technology for them, has made the Internet available. Now these people can communicate with their relatives and friends all over the world, quickly learn the news, do not feel "out of touch with  real life."

Graduates of the courses noted the high professional level of the staff of the Centre, and, of course, a special, friendly atmosphere and individual attention to each student. The active participation of "ORT-KesherNet" Center in city and regional events and its assistance in dealing with the social problems of the city, received repeatedly awards of local and regional administration.

Center audience includes people of all ages, from preschoolers to senior citizens. The center implemented a special program to work with the poor and large families, disabled and socially-vulnerable people.

This academic year with the support of ORT the Center has installed the new equipment.

Renewed with modern technical facilities class has allowed the Centre to apply for and win the grant of the Tula Region Government for socially oriented non-profit organizations. As a result, more than 700 residents and members of the city Jewish community at the age of 35 years and older will learn to use the PC in their daily lives actively. The course is divided into modules, dedicated to the study of the most popular and used software, the knowledge of which will allow students to feel more self-confident in the world of modern technologies.

In addition, there are classes of Jewish elementary "Lauder School" took place: children are happy to study computer science and practice Robotics in the classroom with the new equipment and modern TV.

Administrator of the Centre Elena Feldman  and Chairman of Tula Jewish community Faina Sanevich pleased to note the positive changes that took place at the Centre because of the installation of new equipment: "On behalf of the ORT-KesherNet Centre and  of the Jewish community, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the World ORT and its donors for their help for the members of Jewish community and other residents of our city in the development of their skills and knowledge of modern information technology. Your attention to our city has given many people a chance to change lives, improve social status and feel like full-fledged members of our society. Thank you very much! We are looking forward to see you in Tula."


Spectacular gains Grand-Prize and prize-winning in two nominations


School student of the First Moscow Educational Complex (Moscow ORT Technology College) Egor Alexandrov won the final  of the 14th Christmas Festival of digital interactive installations. The festival was held in a form of presentation of the best works created by students of Moscow on the basis of digital production processes in the center of technological education support institutions. It was organized by the Department of Education in Moscow, Russian State Humanitarian University, Moscow State Technical University "STANKIN" and League of Education of the Russian Federation with the support of  Polymedia, Casio, MIDexpo, Intel. This year, the Christmas festival was fo the first time held in the framework of the project "School of new technologies."

Egors work entitled "Children mat" was unanimously recognized as the best by the jury and won the Grand Prix of the festival, but more than that, it was the only one submitted, that even won awards in tow nominations!

Details of his invention Egor produced on laser machine of the  Colleges Center of new technologies, there the shooting and editing of video for presentation and initial rehearsal performances had been going. The rehearsals took place in the evening in the Great Hall of the Russian State Humanitarian University with all the equipment needed for the final.

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Quiz-videoconference "Hannukah"


December, 14, at School #12, ORT "Mishpahteinu"; (Kazan), the Center for Education #1311 "Tekhiya" ORT (Moscow) and the gymnasium ORT de Gunzburg "Shorashim" (St Petersburg) a quiz-videoconference dedicated to Hanukkah was held.

Teams of sixth graders participated in the intellectual game "What? Where? When?", organized jointly by the video studios' teachers Maria Dranishnikova  (SPB), Maria Petrukhina (Kazan) and Leonid Glikin (Moscow).

Despite the fact that the game lasted for an hour, no one was bored. Children excitedly spinning dreidel, worked together in teams for the right answer, and fought for the microphone to express their personal opinion.

Hanukkah song, sing the children in St. Petersburg, was joined in Kazan and Moscow, and finished by singing the chorus.
Losers was not there at the end of the game, all the participants received sweet prizes.
So happened one more miracle of Hannukah!

New interactive facilties for teaching Hebrew and Traditions


In 2015, with generous support of Doris Pacey and Dr Michael and Anna Brynberg Charitable Foundations in seven ORT network schools, Labe for teaching Jewish studies subjects were equipped with the up-to-date interactive facilities.

Interactive whiteboards, projectors, cameras and microphones, as well as personal computers for teachers were established in the ORT network schools in Dnepropetrovsk (school #144 named after Levi Yitzchak Schneerson), Zaporozhe, Kazan, Kiev (at educational complex "Simcha") Odessa, Samara and Chernivtsi.

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Meetings with Solomon Perel were held at Jewish Museum and Moscow ORT Technology School


World ORT, Moscow ORT Technology School in cooperation with the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center organized meetings with Solomon (Sally) Perel, witness and participant of the tragic events of World War II period.

Solomon Perel, a Jew who could survive in Nazi Germany, impersonating himself as volksdeutsche and became a member of the Hitlerjugend. Amazing fate of this man is reflected in his autobiographical book.

Current visit of Solomon Perel to Moscow, organized by Moscow ORT Technology School with the support of World ORT, is dedicated to the publishing of the Russian translation of his book. And both meetings are the first Solomon Perels presentations in front of Russian-speaking audience.

Russian translation of Solomon Perels autobiography was presented, prepared in 2010 by Natalia Bykhovskaya and Jaroslav Bykhovskiy, Director of ORT Resource Center at Moscow ORT Technology School.

Hebrew teacher of Moscow ORT Technology School Ilya Zhivotovsky took an active part in the editing of the text and organized the project work with students on preparation of a multimedia version of the book.

Publication of the book had been carried by the Publishing House "Knizhniki" with the financial support of the World ORT.

December, 2, there was a presentation of the book at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. For all attended this meeting became a unique opportunity to communicate with a participant of the tragic events of the period of 1930s-40s years of the 20th century.December, 3, at Moscow ORT Technology School a meeting with the students students and teachers of Moscow ORT Technology School and the Center for Education 1311 "Tehiya" (ORT) was held.


ANNOUNCED CONTEST "ORT STEM CUP 2016" among secondary educational institutions of World ORT network


Proclaimed by the UNESCO General Conference in 2001, the World Science Day for Peace and Development is an annual event celebrated all over the world. 

The purpose of the World Science Day for Peace and Development is to renew the national, as well as the international commitment to science for peace and development and to stress the responsible use of science for the benefit of society. The World Science Day for Peace and Development also aims at raising public awareness of the importance of science and to bridge the gap between science and societies.

The annual observance of the World Science Day for Peace and Development is making an important contribution to the promotion of Science. 

Within the framework of the World Science Day for Peace and Development, we are announcing a contest ORT STEM CUP 2016 among the secondary educational institutions of the World ORT network.

The purpose of the contest is to increase the motivation of students to STEM education, attract their interest to engineering and technology specialties, as well as encourage the development of engineering and technical creativity of students.

The contest ORT STEM CUP 2016" will be held in 3 categories:

1) Mobile Video Competition "I am the inventor"

2) Competition "Island of inventors" for primary school students

3) Competition "Island of inventors" for middle and senior grades.

As a result of all three categories Organizing Committee will determine the School-winner to be awarded with the ORT STEM CUP 2016".



Kazan ORT "Mishpahteinu" School (#12) topped the ranking of the best secondary schools of Kazan


Kazan ORT "Mishpahteinu" School (#12) topped the ranking of the best schools in Kazan. This was announced today at the city August conference of educators said Head of the City Board of Education Ilsur Hadiullin. The event takes place at the International Information Center Universiade Village with the participation of the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin.

"It is very important that we have not only beautiful, but also the effective schools. Rating is not just a competition between educational institutions, each school competes with itself, "- said the head of the city education.

August conference of educators attended by the Head of the City Board Denis Kalinkin, First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan Andrei Pominov, Deputy Head of the Executive Committee of the Social Affairs Natalia Grechannikova and others. In order to summarize the results of the past school year and determine the directions of the development of education for the next year, the conference brought together more than 1,100 teachers and heads of educational institutions of the city. The main theme of the conference - "Modern education: equal opportunities - innovative technology - personal responsibility."

Results of the 5th International Festival of Robotics Olympiad among the students and teachers of ORT network schools in the CIS and Baltic States


Festival-Competition of Robotics among students and teachers of ORT network schools in the CIS and Baltic countries was held in the period April, 12-16, 2015 on the basis of the Kishinev ORT Technology Lyceum named after Herzl.

Olympiad participants were divided into two age groups: junior league (age of participants up to 12 years) and senior league (older than 12 years). In the senior league competition was attended by 13 teams from Bishkek, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Kazan, Kiev, Kishinev, Odessa, Chernovtsy, Samara, St. Petersburg and Vilnius. The junior league includes 7 teams from  Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Kiev, Kishinev, Riga, St. Petersburg and Odessa.

For the first time among the students of secondary educational institutions of ORT network in the CIS and Baltic states a contest of graphic works on the development of a special brand logo for the upcoming Festival-Olympiad in Robotics had been held. There were 26 works of students of 5 schools of ORT from Latvia, Russia and Ukraine presented. All works are published in a virtual exhibition on the website . According to the results of the jurys work the logo, designed by Victor Paskaru, 9th grade student of Chernivtsi specialized ORT school # 41 was recognized as the winner. This work became the basis of corporate logo of the Olympiad, presented in print and promotional products.


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ORT is the one of the organizers of the All-Russian Conference on STEM education and educational Robotics


April 17, 2015 at Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasium 1540) All-Russian scientific-practical conference STEM education and educational Robotics in general and additional education" was held.

In the period April, 16-17, 2015, in three cities of the Russian Federation: Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk and Moscow the 3rd All-Russian Scientific-Practical Conference "Methods of teaching the fundamentals of Robotics", organized by the Federal Institute for Educational Development (FIRO) together with the Russian Association of Educational Robotics (RAOR) and ORT was held.  This year's conference theme was STEM and educational Robotics." The conference was attended by over 250 people, including heads of education authorities, principals and teachers of schools and training centers, methodologists and researchers.

April 16, the Moscow part of the conference was held at the site of FIRO where a plenary session of the conference took place, attended by 119 participants from more than 20 cities of the Russian Federation. During the meeting, they discussed general issues of STEM-education and technological competence of students, as well as educational Robotics as a part of STEM education.

The next day at the Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasium 1540) was devoted to the practical part. After tour of school 80 Conferences participants were divided into two parts to work on sections: "STEM and the development of technological competence of students in general and additional education" under the supervision of the Director of ORT in Russia Sergei G. Gorinskiy, and "Educational Robotics as an element of STEM education," which was moderated by the Head of the Yekaterinburg project of Vocational Training Centre "ORT-Career" Galina Brusnitsyna.

From the second half of the day, in the framework of master classes and workshops the participants got acquainted with the best practices and solutions in the field of STEM education and educational Robotics.

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ORT Robotics Olympiad


In the period from April, 12-16, on the basis of the Kishinev ORT Technology Lyceum named after Herzl the Robotics Olympiad Festival among school students of ORT network in the CIS and the Baltic States takes place.  

It is attended by teams from 14 schools of ORT network in Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

At the opening ceremony the participants and the guests of the Olympiad were welcomed by the Principal of Kishinev ORT Technology Lyceum Svetlana Klimina and Director of "ORT-Moldova" Vitaly Kirillov.


School students of ORT network schools in Russia and Ukraine took part at the 6th International Children's Competition "Robotraffic"


March, 12, 2015, at the Robotics Leumi Center of the Institute "Technion" in Haifa (Israel) VI international competition of the modeling and controlling robocars was held . Thanks to the support of IBS this year's event was attended by 24 students from ORT network schools  in Russia and Ukraine.

They came back home with awards: Six 1st places, three 2nd ones, four 3rd, a special jury prize "Innovation of Technion." Two of the teachers-leaders from Moscow and Kiev were awarded a special award for contribution to educational robotics.

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Robotics training seminar in St Petersburg


There was a three-day training seminars for trainers on robo-cars modeling organized by the ORT and Russian Association of Educational Robotics (RAOR) on the base of ORT-SPb Vocational training center conducted.

This particular training seminar became a logical continuation of a larger project of ORT and RAOR, during which, we recall, in December last year the overview seminar for trainers and certification of nationwide and regional levels in the category Robotraffic were held.

During the meeting, representatives of schools, universities and institutions of additional education from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kaliningrad, Sovietsk, Tomsk, Ozersk, Tambov, Nefteyugansk and Samara got new knowledge in the field of programming platform Arduino, learned about successful projects and discussed issues of modeling autonomous vehicles, and discussed the mechanics and physics of  robo-cars. Participants not only discussed the prospects of robo-cars modelling, but in practice programmed and simulated robo-cars participated in Robotraffic - Robotics competitions of Leumi Robotics Center at the Technion.

Among the speakers invited to the training seminar, there were practicing supervisors and trainers of the teams becoming winners of various robotic competitions and  representatives  of Skolkovo Robotics Centre (KB Aurora), National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) and RoboEd - company developing instructional interactive software in the field of Robotics.

Participants will be able to check, how useful this knowledge is, in summer, when the second Russian Robotraffic competition within the All-Russian stage of the World Robotics Olympiad will take place.

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Impressive New Campus for ORT School in Vilnius



Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius has led wellwishers at the formal opening of the ORT Vilnius Sholom Aleichem Gymnasiums new premises.

Mr Butkevicius toured the centrally located building which has been fully renovated and equipped with public funding and World ORT. With him were World ORTs Director General and CEO Shmuel Sisso and Chief Program Officer Vladimir Dribinskiy.

For several years this school has been ranked academically among the best in the country; now its facilities are among the best in Europe, said Mr Sisso. We were honoured to have the Prime Minister, Mr Butkevicius, join us. And we welcome the comments he made at the opening ceremony that his government has zero tolerance for antisemitism and extremism.  

The Sholom Aleichem school started as a Sunday school teaching Hebrew, Yiddish, and Jewish history and tradition to a few dozen children and adults soon after Lithuania became independent in 1989. It is now a flourishing secondary school with 318 students who learn computer programming, robotics and graphic design in addition to the national curriculum and Jewish subjects.

The new building will allow the school to comfortably increase enrolment to 350 students, said Mr Dribinskiy. This development is a result of cooperation between the local Jewish community, the city municipality and World ORT. The Prime Minister paid tribute to the Jewish community and its contribution to the countrys independence and he expressed his happiness that the new campus has opened in time for this weeks 25th anniversary celebrations of independence.

The schools Director, Misha Jakobas, said: We are very pleased with these new facilities, which are located in such a beautiful part of Vilnius. Our school will concentrate on innovation and incentives. We will be a place of pride for Lithuania, its educational system and for all the people of Vilnius.

Speaking at the commencement of renovations at the new site, in 2013, the Chancellor of the countrys Education and Science Ministry, Dainius Numgaudis, noted that ORTs influence extended beyond the Jewish community.

The school works with the Ministry of Education and other education bodies such as the Institute of Teacher Training, the Exam Centre of Lithuania, and the Pedagogical University of Lithuania. And its teachers train peers from across the city in the use of interactive whiteboards and computerised data loggers. It also has a Tolerance Centre which familiarizes children from other schools with Jewish traditions and culture, and gives presentations on tolerance to other schools in the city.

The cooperation with ORT and the organisation's expertise, including the Sholom Aleichem ORT School, is undoubtedly beneficial to Lithuania. The school culture and achievements of Sholom Aleichem ORT School could inspire our educational institutions, Mr Numgaudis said.

The Mayor of Vilnius, Arturas Zuokas, and the Vice Minister of Education, Svetlana Kauzoniene, were also at the ceremony. 

Mr Zuokas said: The Jewish community is now increasing in numbers and we hope that it will continue to grow and flourish. The new school will serve this growing community and will invite others from around the world to come to Lithuania to study, learn and take courses here.

Photo: World ORT Chief Program Officer Vladimir Dribinskiy, the Head of the Lithuanian Jewish Community, Faina Kukliansky, the Director of the ORT Sholom Aleichem Gymnasium, Misha Jakobas, and World ORT Director General and CEO Shmuel Sisso outside the new school premises. Inset: Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius.

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Digital Archive of Jewish Shtetls


Team of St. Petersburg Institute of Jewish Studies (PIJS) and Centre "ORT-Petersburg" launched an interesting project "Digital Archive of Jewish Shtetls."

In the autumn of 2014 St. Petersburg Institute of Jewish Studies for the first time in many years gained its own building, which will house classrooms, a library and a research archive of PIJS containing a unique collection of Jewish historical documents and artefacts. In the same building with the support of ORT a modern computer lab was opened. At the same time the idea of ​​the project to digitize archive materials and the creation of an archive site that is designed for a wide range of Internet users who are interested in Jewish history and culture, from school and university students up to researchers of Russian Jewry, both in Russia and abroad.

The project team has the aim of creating a modern website pf PIJS archive, which in the future will become a large-scale platform for placement of historical materials from the archival collection in an accessible format. As a part of the project, it is planned to create the original site, featuring a modern and user-friendly interface that has the search function and other options that are relevant both for specialists and for the widest audience. There documents will be posted from expeditionary fund archive of PIJS representing the ethnographic material collected during expeditions in the late 1980s - early 1990s. They form the basis of an archive and have a special historical value. Ethnographers during their expeditions to the towns of Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic States in the late 1980s and early 1990s were able to collect memories of last witnesses of civilization of Jewish shtetl, disappeared in the 20th century. The project will help not only to present these materials, but thanks to digitization would contribute to their conservation.

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Teacher of ORT Riga Jewish Secondary School named after Shimon Dubnov- among the winners of the prestigious national competition Ekselences balva (Award of Excellence")


Competition Ekselences balva (Award of Excellence) is held for the fourth time. The organisers of the competition are the Educational Center of Science and Mathematics of University of Latvia and the National Centre for the Content of Education with the active support of industry associations.

This competition can be called a contest under the title as "Innovative Teacher of the Year." As first the real work in class, progressive and creative approach to teaching the subject are estimated, not the teacher's seniority or past services.

Five finalists in each subject - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology from thousands of applicants from across the country were selected. Grand Prix (prize "Glass apple" and 1400 euros) had to be won in the acute competition. In the final which took place on February, 25, contenders for the top prize had to conduct an unusual open lesson, so-called workshop with elements of creative, innovative approach to teaching.

Among the finalists there was Biology teacher of ORT Riga Jewish Secondary School named after Shimon Dubnov Nadezda Malinina. As a motto of her presentation and approach as a whole she chose the immortal phrase of genius playwright Grigory Gorin: "Smile! Serious face - is not a sign of intelligence! ". She held an interactive session and together with the children created at hand visual aids - models of human muscle and fascia from simple materials.


"Fiddler on the Roof" came to Kazan


Tour of "Fiddler on the Roof" continues and February 13, 2015, with the participation of Director of Development of ORT in Russia Mikhail Libkin the prize of Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia arrived to Kazan Secondary School # 12, ORT "Mishpahteynu."

At the delivering ceremony Director of ORT in Russia Sergey Gorinskiy noted that this award rightfully belongs to all our colleagues, teachers and professionals of schools, colleges and training centers of ORT network.

And, in recognition of the team of Kazan Secondary School # 12, ORT "Mishpahteynu the figure of "Fiddler on the Roof" is on the table of the Schools Principal Olga L. Troupp.

Cooperation of School and ORT lasts almost 15 years, since in 2000, when ORT Technology Centre was opened here. Due to the ORT the School became one of the most popular in Kazan, equipped with computers, office equipment and all the necessary facilities for the conducting of the educational process at the advanced level. The main focus of the center ORT is the study and use of students and teachers of modern information technologies in the educational process, as well as their implementation into the management activities of the administration of the School. The experience of School attracts the interest of staff and administration of educational institutions and educational authorities of the Republic of Tatarstan.

For students additional classes in programming, WEB-design, Computer Graphics, Flash-animation, video editing and robotics are conducted. In the summer of 2014 with the help and support of the staff of the Kazan ORT competitions Robotraffik (ROBOTRAFFIC - Technion's Leumi Robotics Center Competition) within the framework of the All-Russian robotic Olympics were successfully organized and held.

The school works closely with the State of Israel. Envoys of the Ministry of Education of the State of Israel assist in the organization of activities that contribute to a more successful learning Hebrew, history and traditions of the Jewish people. School is often visited by foreign guests and delegations. And they noted the high level of teaching in conjunction with unusually warm and friendly atmosphere, where the respect for the childs personality is.

Not accidentally the school is called "Mishpahteynu" which in Hebrew means "my family." Over the years the School had developed a great relationship of teachers, students and their parents. There the Board of Trustees is formed and successfully operated, which with the school administration is actively involved in school life.

We want to sincerely thank all the staff, teachers and parents of students of the Kazan School # 12, ORT "Mishpahteynu" for their enormous contribution to the schools development!

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Fiddler on the Roof came to Samara


On Tuesday, February, 10, "Fiddler on the Roof", accompanied by the Representative of  World ORT David Benish and ORT Russia Director Sergey Gorindkiy visited Samara school # 42 ORT "Gesher".

In his speech at the ceremony of the delivering of the honorary prize of Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia Sergey Gorinskiy noted that this award should be given to all our colleagues, teachers and professionals from schools, colleges and training centers of ORT network.

And this year, in recognition of outstanding teachers and staff of the Samara ORT "Gesher" School "Fiddler on the Roof" arrived to Samara.

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First group of graduates of ORT-Hillel Center in Kiev


January, 25th, the first group of students of ORT-Hillel Center  in Kiev successfully completed the course Introduction. Fundamentals of Programming.

Experts in the field of information technology are in great demand not only in the domestic labor market, but abroad as well. The main objective of ORT-Hillel Center is to provide young Jews with the opportunity to receive additional education in the field of modern information technologies, and thus increase their chances of getting good job and improving the economic situation.

Activity of ORT-Hillel Centre in Kiev aims for the comprehensive solution of the problem of modern youth in obtaining a specialty, being in demand in the labor market. Also, within the training program for young programmers for leading IT companies of Ukraine center ORT-Hillel Kiev cooperates with language school Be Smart, that allows students in parallel to increase their level of English.

Anatoliy Solovyov, Director of the first online hypermarket of construction equipment and professional tools UkrSnab, visited the ORT-Hillel Center to congratulate the courses graduates with their first steps in learning programming. During his visit, he offered to beginning programmers, achieved level Junior, to go for his company for internship. Students, who complete an internship, will continue to work in UkrSnab company, successfully operating in the Ukrainian market for almost 10 years.

Graduates of the course Introduction. Fundamentals of Programming expressed their intention to continue their studies on the basis of the ORT-Hillel Center in Kiev to achieve the level of Junior in programming. In January training the next groups of students in courses Project Management and QA Manual will begin.

ORT is proud to be able to achieve the main goals of the organization declared in its slogan Educating for life.

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World ORT Excellence Award for the achievements in teaching Jewish subjects


At the beginning of the new semester, teacher of history and traditions of the Jewish people of  Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum Irina Friedman were awarded prize of the World ORT Excellence Award for her victory in  nomination "Teaching disciplines of Jewish cycle".

Irina has 14 year of teaching experience.  Since 2000 she works at ORT. Almost every year she improves her professional level on various seminars of Jewish studies and presented her experience there as well.

In Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum Irina is responsible for organization of Jewish holidays and events and meetings with outstanding persons of Jewish and Israel organization and community.

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ORT is awarded with "Fiddler on the Roof" in the "Education" category


December 17 at the State Kremlin Palace hosted a ceremony awarding the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJC) "Fiddler on the Roof" for 5774 (2014) year.

Established in 2002, the prize of Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia "Fiddler on the Roof" is the most prestigious award for organizations and members of the Jewish public society in Russia.

This year, in recognition of the merit in development of education ORT was awarded in nomination "Education." During the ceremony, it was noted that, as a representative of the global educational network, ORT, originated in Russia 135 years ago as a Society to help Jews of Pale, today implements a number of projects around the world. ORT Russia cooperates with dozens of Jewish communities, universities, colleges and vocational schools, creating new and support existing Jewish schools, trains students the up-to-date information and communication technologies, helps young people in employment, engaged teachers professional improvement, provides disabled people with a chance for socialization and professional self-realization. Realizing the projects in technology education ORT contributes the development of Russian education.

The prize was delivered to Director of ORT in Russia Dr. Sergey Gorinskiy. In his speech Sergey thanked FJC and pointed out that firstly ORT is a network of Jewish schools and training centers for adults at Jewish communities. Underlining the ORTs commitment to traditions of Jewish charity, Sergey Gorinskiy stressed the point on the face the ORT is a Jewish organization not only because it helps Jewish people but also because it helps other people on behalf of Jews. There, on this stage, our teachers from Jewish schools and ORT training centers of Moscow, St Petersburg and many other centers should stay together with me. And there should be our friends from colleges and vocational schools, who help young people including those ones with special education needs to get specialty of demand.     

                         The ceremony was attended by Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar, president of FJC Alexander Boroda, director of public relations of FJC Boruch Gorin, as well as the Ambassador of the State of Israel to Russia Mrs.  Dorit Golender.

In addition to the awarding ceremony there was show of the famous singers and musical groups of the Russian pop-music.

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Moscow ORT Technology School develops social entrepreneurship


November, 20th at Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasium #1540) a round table on "Social entrepreneurship and help to the disabled people: what can you do here and now?" was held.

The event was organized in the framework of the Global Entrepreneurship Week held in Moscow in the period from the 17th to the 23rd of November, one of the key themes of which was social entrepreneurship.

Global Entrepreneurship Week in Moscow was organized by the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow.

The round table at the Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasium #1540) was attended by over 160 people: students of the 8th -11th grades, teachers and tutors of the schools and universities, collaborating with the School, as well as invited guests.


Art Work Contest "My School is the ORT School"


The results of the Art Work Contest "My school is the  ORT school" among secondary educational institutions included into the network of ORT in the CIS and Baltic States have been summarised.

There were 116 works submitted: 95 of them  in the hand work technique and 21 work in the category Computer Graphic. Each work was given a number in the order of receipt and curators and jury members were estimating  works knowing only numbers and the age of the author.

Initially, the relevant work of the competition criteria had been evaluated by curators, students and graduates of the First Moscow Educational Complex (Moscow ORT Technology College ( 14)).
Then works were submitted to the jury, included teachers  of the First Moscow Educational Complex (Moscow ORT Technology College ( 14)).

The jury had a difficult task, we received a large number of very talented and original works. Therefore, in accordance with the recommendations of the jury, in addition to the winners of I, II and III, we also wish to acknowledge the laureates.

We express our deep gratitude to the curators and members of the jury for their work and want to especially thank them for sending feedback to the most interesting work.

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Graduate of the Odessa ORT School Vladislav Kozachkov was awarded Ilya Teplitsky Scholarship


Scholarship was established by family of  Ilya Teplitskys - a native of Odessa, in 1970-s left with his family for United States to provide their children with the opportunity to experience their Jewish culture and receive a higher education. Mr. Teplitsky's love for Odessa never diminished. He loved its inhabitants, its history. In his memory his children and grandchildren established a Fund to support the young people from Jewish families in their striving for Jewish education, and to provide them with financial assistance for their higher education.

As a tangible expression of award Vladislav and his parents chose a modern laptop. For now, Vladislav is a student of Mathematics faculty of Odessa State University (specialty "Computer Engineering") and the laptop will be a useful and important tool for his learning and research.

In previous years the Ilya Teplitsky Scholarship was grated to Dmitry Kozachkov (2012) and Sergei Grigorash (2013) honor school students and active participants of ORT projects and competitions.     

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Professional improvement seminar for teachers of Mathematics and Science


In the period June,30-July 4, 2014, at the St. Petersburg Secondary School 550 ORT de Gunzburg "Shorashim" international seminar "Using new technologies in Teaching Math and Science" was held.

28 teachers from 16 schools of ORT network in Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine came to St. Petersburg to share experiences and learn about contemporary methods and approaches in teaching Math and Science.

There were workshops on the use of new information technologies in the educational process, as well as lectures on effective approaches in the teaching of mathematics and science organized for the participants of the seminar. In addition to ORT network experts, as guest lecturers there were invited Professor Sergey E. Rukshin, honored teacher of the Russian Federation, Officer of the Order of Vernadskiy, winner of the "Best Mentor of young mathematicians of the USSR"; Ilze Y. Filippova, PhD in Physics and Math, Physics teacher of the St. Petersburg School # 138, the author of the site "Information technology in teaching Physics (; Nadejda A. Altynova, LLC MS-Trainer, Microsoft. In conclusion of the seminar videoconference with the leader of  the project "Math Club Yakov Ronkin was organized.

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We had been building and we have built!


September 1, 2014 Tula Jewish primary school "Lauder School" at the Tula Jewish Center "Hasdey Neshama" for the first time opened its doors to students. In this academic year there are 3 grades: from the first to the third at school.

ORT Russia Director Sergey Gorinskiy and ICT specialist Ilya Spivak came to Tula to congratulate their old friends and not empty-handed.  

This year, thanks to the support of the Doris Pacey Charitable Foundation World ORT funded the up-to-date equipment and software for the Tula Jewish primary school "Lauder School." In addition to projectors and laptops, allowing teachers to organize the learning process effectively not only in ICT, but also for general subjects, the school also received a full set and methodical support for Robotics classes.

In addition to the federal government standard school program includes training in such subjects as history and traditions of the Jewish people, the Hebrew, in-depth study of English, Computer Science and Robotics classes.

For the initiative for learning Computer Science from the first grade Director of the "Hasdey Neshama" Centre Faina Sanevich had stood still since the opening of the first Jewish classes in 2000. Thus from its very beginning the Tula Jewish school aspired to be one of the most advanced in the study of elementary ICT.

ORT and "Hasdey Neshama" enjoy longstanding friendships. In 2002, thanks to the cooperation ORT and the Project Kesher the "ORT-KesherNet" ICT training center for women was opened at the Jewish Community Centre. Over the years, thanks to the center, many women have been successful in raising their status, and some previously unemployed people have found new job. In 2009 Tula "ORT-KesherNet" Centre entered into the global network of training centers of the global educational program initiated by Hewlett-Packard - HP LIFE, realized in FSU in partnership with ORT. Through this participation center expanded its educational opportunities: now the center provides training for aspiring entrepreneurs to use the power of information technology to create and develop their business.

From this year, as part of a new joint project, ORT is not only financing technical equipment for classes and provides training materials and software, but also includes school teachers into the overall training program for teachers in ICT.

As "Hasdey Neshama" Director Faina Sanevich rightly pointed: "Children and children's education, from kindergarten, are the basis for the existence and development of the Jewish community. We hope that that will be accumulated in this age, strengthen the bond of children and their families with the Jewish community. "

"We are very pleased for long-term cooperation with our colleagues in Tula", - says Director of ORT in Russia Sergei Gorinskiy.  "Over the past 12 years from the opening of the first training center ORT realized three joint projects with Hewlett-Packard at the Secondary School #55, Vocational School for hard hearing children and the Jewish Community Center "Hasdey Neshama". We are continuing to implement projects in the Jewish community and in Vocational School for the deaf and hearing impaired children. Tula has often been the place for teacher training seminars of ORT network, which were attended by teachers and specialists from FSU countries and Europe. I would like to congratulate all of our colleagues in Tula with the beginning of the new academic year 2014-2015. And we, in turn, will try to help to make this school year the best and happy for teachers, children and their parents."

Tatiana Ovodova, "Lauder School" Princiapal, notes: "The Jewish primary school" Lauder School "in Tula is just beginning to make its first steps. That is why the support of the World ORT in purchasing multimedia equipment proved to be very significant and relevant.

Today it is necessary to use ICT for each lesson for any school discipline. ORT donated equipment that allows teachers to make learning more vivid and fun for the child's perception.

And the news that we have been given with a set for Robotics, provoked delight of parents and students. In our city, it will be only the third one school, where Robotics classes will be held. An additional benefit of the study Robotics is the team creation, and, in future, participation in regional, national and international competitions.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the ORT leadership for the timely assistance in equipment and methodological support of the school, allowing teachers and students to keep up with the times."


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ORT became co-organizer of the All-Russia Conference on Robotics fundamentals


ORT was one of the organizers of the 2nd All-Russian Conference "Methods of teaching fundamentals of Robotics for students of primary and secondary education", which took place April, 28-29,2014 in Yekaterinburg.

This year's theme was: "Continuity of students training in the field of Robotics at different stages of education."

At the conference ORT was represented by ORT in Russia Director Sergey Gorinskiy (Moscow), Technology teacher of Center  of Education #1311 "Techiya " (ORT ) Roman Skibitskiy (Moscow), IT specialist of  Samara School # 42 (ORT "Gesher") Anna Frolova and Head of ORT -Career" Center Galina Brusnitsina (Ekaterinburg).

At the plenary session Sergei Gorinskiy presented "The Concept of ORT Technology Education. Place of Robotics in the Model of Technological Literacy." Roman Skibitskiy introduced Robotraffic contest and provided workshops on this topic.

The conference program is available on the website of the Russian Association of Educational Robotics. There's the text and the presentation of Sergei Gorinskiy is also published

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Results of the Purim Computer Animation Contest 2014


Results of the Computer Animation Contest 2014 devoted to the Purim had been summarized.

All the works of students could be seen here.

This year there were the students of the following schools of ORT FSU network participating: Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540), Dnepropetrovsk "Levi Yitzchak Schneerson" Ohr Avner School #144, St Petersburg ORT de Gunzburg Secondary School # 550 "Shorashim", Kazan ORT "Mishpahteinu" Secondary School # 12, Samara ORT Secondary School # 42, "Gesher" and Tallinn ORT Jewish School.

The winners were recognized:


1 place: 

         Juliana Mazo, 10th grade student of Kazan ORT "Mishpahteinu" Secondary School # 12. Supervisors: S.Borodova, Z.Mukhametdinova

          Darya Putilina, 10th grade student of Odessa ORT Secondary School # 94. Supervisor: Anna Donchenko

Special prize For Creativity:  Anna Malygina, 10th grade student of Kazan ORT "Mishpahteinu" Secondary School # 12.
S.Borodova, Z.Mukhametdinova

Animated cartoon:

1 place - 3rd   grade students (3D application and pictures), technical support: 11th   grade student Sergey Illivitskiy of Samara ORT Secondary School # 42, "Gesher". Supervisor: Marina Strygina

2 place - Marfa Shulman, 11th grade student of St Petersburg ORT de Gunzburg Secondary School # 550 "Shorashim". Supervisor: Olga Tuzova

3 place - Mark Mindubaev, 9th grade student of St Petersburg ORT de Gunzburg Secondary School # 550 "Shorashim". Supervisor: Olga Tuzova


1 place -  Natasha Shaitoga, Luba Kravtchenko, 5th grade students of Odessa ORT Secondary School # 94 . Supervisor: Victoria Lapinskaya.

2 place 6th grade students, Tallinn ORT Jewish School. Supervisor: Julia Ilves.

Winners and their supervisors will be awarded by the diplomas and prizes of ORT. 

 Anna Michurina, Senior expert of R&D Department, ORT CIS

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Contest of Instructional Development for Interactive Board applying


For the moment almost every school of ORT FSU network has interactive boards, including SMART BOARDS. Many of the teachers are successful in using them in educational process.

Last year by the popular demands of school administration and teachers video course "Features and functions of an interactive whiteboard Smart Board" was developed and teachers have a possibility to master their skills in this field.

Video course is here:

In 2013-2014 academic year R&D Department of ORT FSU announced the contest of instructional developments of interactive board uisng in educational process.

Applications were subbmitted from October, 3, to December, 23, 2013.

There were 14 applications from teachers of ORT network schools of Estonia, Russia and Ukraine sent. 

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Technology through the eyes of our children


Results of the internal competition on the role technology and ORT play in children's lives had been summarized.

Artworks of students at nine of  17 ORT network schools in the Former Soviet Union had been submitted to competition and were sharing them with the world.

They are published at our site gallery. 

Dana Marasinova, Grade 10, Moscow. Her picture has won the distinction of being placed on ORT Russias calendar for 2014. 

All the artworks are published at the World ORT page in Facebook.

Mazal Tov to Dana and every participants of the contest!

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Moscow ORT Technology School particiapted at the 2nd open championship of Moscow of WorldSkills Russia 2013


Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540) received the personal invitation for participation in WorldSkills Russia and presented 2 stands here:


         Mobile Robots

At the Technology stand there were the technical sets on electronic and robotics and equipment of partners and donors of Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540):

         World ORT electronic sets

         3D video of SONY of JSC Integrated Technologies

         3D modeling of Moscow State University of Technology STANKIN

Special interest of guests was provoked by demonstration of videos about the school and robots made by the School team with the help of equipment gifted by JSC Integrated Technologies.

At the Mobil Robots stand there were the models of race robots and cars made on the base of Arduino controller. There also JSC Amperka who is a partner of Moscow ORT Technology School participated as well.

While visiting the Moscow ORT Technology School;s stands Mr. Simon Bartley - President of the International Organization of WorldSkills, toured the exhibition with interest, spoke to students and staff and discussed a number of business issues with the Schools Principa Marina Moiseeva, thanked her for the initiative to School joining the WorldSkills movement and handed school with plague competence WorldSkills Russia Competence Center.

Schools stands were visited by Mrs. Natalia M. Zolotareva - Director of the Department of State Policy of Ministry of Education in the field of vocational training and vocationally-oriented education. On this occasion, she and Marina Moiseeva were able to discuss a number of issues and questions relating to school students vocational training.

The exhibition of stands of Moscow ORT Technology School has also attracted the attention of the , Director of Young Professionals line of the Board of the Agency of Strategic Initiatives Mr. Dmitry N. Peskov, for whom the most interesting was to discuss with the staff and students of the school, working at the stands, the mechatronics development and applying biotechnology in Robotics.

It would like to be underlined the interest to the stands of Moscow ORT Technology School showed not only by adult visitors but students of Moscow schools, together with their peers from Moscow ORT Technology School actively participating in open sessions and workshops.

Igor Pavlov, ORT Technology Centre Director, Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540)


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ORT-SPb Vocational Training Centre became one of the winners of the contest for subsidies


ORT-SPb Vocational Training Centre was one of the winners of the contest  organized by Social Policy Committee of St. Petersburg for providing socially oriented non-profit organizations the right to receive a 2013 support grant from the means received by St. Petersburg from the federal budget.

There are 86 public organizations of St. Petersburg among the winners of the contest. Sum of subsidies provided is more than 44 million rubles.

Applications of NGOs submitted to the contest were considered by competent independent jury - the number of experts included representatives of Administration and key figures of the "third sector".

According to results of the voting finalists applications were rated according their importance. "ORT -SPb" Vocational Training Centre won  the 12th  of the 86 possible locations  and received one of the highest ratings of importance on a par with such recognized leaders of the NGO sector  as the "Parents Bridge" Foundation, St Petersburg Association of Societies of Parents of Disabled Children "GAOORDI", NGO Development Center (St Petersburg) CRNO and Hesed Avraham.

Elena Makarova, PR-Manager, "ORT-SPb"

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Project of "ORT- SPb" Center won the competition Generations Connection


ORT-SPb Project  "I build a bridge from the past: the electronic memoirs of victims of totalitarian regimes" took the second place in the category "Education " at the 4th All-Russian contest "Generations connection", which brings together government and NGOs , philanthropic foundations and socially responsible business and the media in Russia involved in organizing the care and support of older people.

Competition is supported by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and the public organization "League of Nation's Health." This year, the contest received more than 200 applications from 175 organizations. Results of the competition was held in two phases: the first phase  during the open Internet voting , 50 most popular Internet user applications were selected from the with the highest number of votes . Top applications were evaluated by a jury of experts .

The award ceremony took place on October, 30, 2013 in the press -house "Arguments and Facts". ORT-SPb team was presented by the Manager of educational projects of the "ORT- SPb" Centre  Anna Hodorovskaya

Project description, as well as works of the participants of the project can be found at

Elena Makarova, PR-Manager, "ORT-SPb"


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Kiev ORT Technological lyceum is a prize-winner of the contest "Innovation in Modern Education"


During the period October, 22 24, 2013, National exhibition-presentation "Innovation in Modern Education - 2013" was held at the "KievExpoPlaza" exhibition center.  Exhibition was organized by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.

Departments of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of the borough councils, the leading higher education institutions of Ukraine, Institutes of Continuing Education, secondary and pre- schools, after-school institutions, well-known commercial companies involved in educational activities presented their educational achievements.

Visitors from Russia, France, the United States and the China Republic were interested in achievements of Ukrainian education.

Kiev ORT Technological Lyceum, as an innovative educational institution, actively participated at this exhibition.

13-year old experience of applying information technology and vocationally-oriented education into the educational process, teachers instructional developments, author programs, textbooks attracted attention of many visitors and participants.

Models of Robots designed and programmed by students of the Lyceum were very interesting for visitors of the exhibition.

Guests and participants had constructive conversation with the heads of Lyceum, communicated with students and consulted with the teachers.

Within the frames of the exhibition pedagogical innovation contest took place. Kiev ORT Technological Lyceum presented complex work Educational environment realization by the means of Microsoft SharePoint Server.

Kiev ORT Technological Lyceum was awarded the Diploma of the 2nd degree winner in the nomination "For active implementation of pedagogical innovations in the practice of educational institutions of Ukraine".

This action became the next step of the Kiev ORT technological Lyceum's development.

Iryna Usatenko, Computer Science Teacher, ORT Technological Lyceum (Kiev,Ukraine)

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Meeting of the experts and teachers of ORT network of FSU


September, 23-24, 2013 there was a meeting of the experts and teachers of ORT network of FSU organized on the base of Moscow ORT Technology School, devoted to the discussion of the issues and prospects of Technology and Science education development and review of the situation and needs and to make a plan of educational project and actions for 2013-2014 academic year.

Within the frames of this meeting the lecture of Associate Professor and Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies and Coordinator of Technology Educationogy and Science Igor M. Verner was organized.

September 23, 2013 Prof. Verner had visited Moscow ORT Technology School and presented his vision and discussed the topic of interdisciplinary connections of studying Science and Technology, and of designing technology systems with studying biology ones in particular, with teachers and experts of ORT  FSU network schools and centres.

It was very interesting for ORT staff for they are facing the same educational tasks and problems. And it is much more important that teachers and experts have a unique chance of getting acquainted with the vanguard experience and practices of colleagues of Technion, being one of the leading educational institutions in the field of Technology.

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World ORT elects Shmuel Sisso as new Director General and CEO


Following an extensive global search and recruitment process, World ORT today announced that its Board of Trustees has elected an Israeli, Shmuel Sisso, as its new Director General and Chief Executive Officer. Subject to the approval of a work permit, Mr Sisso will take over from acting DG/CEO Sonia Gomes de Mesquita at World ORTs London office in November.

He will succeed the former permanent DG/CEO Robert Singer, who left earlier this year to become CEO of the World Jewish Congress, after 14 years leading World ORT. Today's World ORT is in a sound position both operational and financially.

Shmuel Sisso was born Morocco and has been the highly successful Mayor of Kiryat Yam in Northern Israel since 2003, elected last time with an unprecedented 83% of the vote, backed by cross-party support. Previously, he was the Israeli Consul-General (holding the rank of Ambassador) in New York. As a qualified lawyer, he has also run his own law firm and spent some years as a partner in a New York firm.

Alongside his main responsibilities, Shmuel has held an extraordinary range of past and present roles in contributing to public causes. This includes seven years as Chairman of the HaIgud Society for the Transfer of Technology (a foreign ministry institution providing Israeli foreign aid and international cooperation with developing countries), and four years as Vice-President of the Sephardic World Congress. He is a Judge of the World Zionist Movements Supreme Court, and a member of the Board for the Advancement of Post-Elementary Education Association.

Shmuel Sissos involvement with World ORT is extensive, as a member of the Board of Representatives and Member of the Nominations and Allocations Committees. He worked very closely with World ORT in a major regeneration project in Kiryat Yam, creating a multi-million dollar Science, Educational, Cultural and Sports Campus.

Shmuel, who speaks fluent Hebrew, Arabic and English, is a law graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and holds a Masters Degree in Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey in the United States.

Commenting on the appointment, World ORT President Jean de Gunzburg said: "We are delighted to have elected someone of Shmuel Sissos skill and experience to this post. Shmuel is an outstanding leader, with a deep commitment to education and development. We are confident he can build on the strong foundations and the highly professional team developed by Robert Singer to help us take World ORT through the next phase of its future. We look forward to welcoming him on board.

He added: I also want to take this opportunity to thank Sonia Gomes de Mesquita for the superb job she has done in covering this role since Robert left. Sonia decided some time ago to pursue a new stage in her career outside World ORT once Shmuel has settled in, and she goes with our very best wishes and goodwill. (It has separately been announced that Sonia will become the new WJC Chief Program Officer from November.)

Shmuel Sisso commented: I am honored and delighted to have been elected to this prestigious position. I have a great passion for World ORT and all that it does, and feel confident I can make a real contribution to the future of the organization, working with its excellent professionals and outstanding lay leaders around the world.

World ORT was advised in this appointment by Korn/Ferry International Inc, the worlds leading boardroom consultancy.

World ORT bulletin

Official visit of the Israeli delegation to the Odessa ORT School


September 3, 2013,  Odessa ORT Secondary School # 94 was visited by an official delegation including: Deputy Minister of Education of Israel Avi Wortzman, Chairman of the Knesset Committee on Immigration and connections with the Diaspora Yoel Razvozov and Heftziba Project Coordinator Rami Drukman.

Guests were greeted by the Representative of World ORT in CIS and Baltic States David Benish and Schools Principal Svetlana Manchenko.

After the presentation of ORT activities of ORT in the former Soviet Union countries, the guests visited the lesson of Robotics, Computer Graphics and Hebrew lessons in elementary school.

Anna Michurina, Senior expert of R&D Department,  ORT CIS

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Preparing to New Academic Year: Teacher Training in Moscow


August, 19, 2013 there was the opening of the seminar for teachers of ORT network schools New Information Technologies in Teaching at the ORT Tekhiya, Center of Education # 1311 (Moscow, Russia). Participants were welcomed by the Centre of Education Principal Grigory Lipman and ORT Russia Director Sergey Gorinskiy.

This  seminar is a result of the cooperation between  ORT and the leading Russian IT training organization Microinform Training Center which celebrates this year its 25th  anniversary. It is already the second time when Microinform Training Centre provides to teachers of ORT network schools free of charge opportunity to improve their skills in using new software in teaching.

A year ago, June 2012, there were two-week courses for 26 teachers of Moscow ORT Technology School and ORT Tekhiya, Center of Education # 1311 held.

This year classes for working with the latest versions of Microsoft software for 28 teachers of Moscow and Kazan ORT network schools are carried out under the supervision of one of the best trainers in the Russian IT courses for users, a leading teacher of Microinform Training Center Olga Lazaricheva who used her own copyright of instructional developments.Additionally ORT specialists help teachers to learn how to work with the most up-to-date training facilities: interactive whiteboards, document cameras, systems of network scanning and printing, etc. Also, teachers learned how to use educational Internet resources effectively.On

Monday, August, 26, ORT Russia Director Sergey Gorinskiy and Vice-rector of Moscow Institute of Open Education (MIOO) Viacheslav Leshchiner will provide sessions devoted to the ORT history and activity all over the world and in FSU particularly. V. Leshchiner also will tell about the new educational standards, tendencies and changes in Russian general education and about new educational legislation.

Irina Silaeva, Program Manager, ANO "ORT"

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Project "Practical Robotics for School Students" with Arduino


    ORT is one of the organizers of the All-Russian project "Practical Robotics  for School Students" based on Arduino platform and aimed for school students of the 8th-10th grades. The partners of this project are Russian Association of Educational Robotics and "Amperka" company (Arduino diller).  ORT is providing instructional support for the educational institutions participating in the project.
    Objectives of the project are the following: 
  • students'  study of the fundametals of mechatronics and microcontroller programming with high level languages and increasing their level of professional guidance in the field of modern technology, as well as the  their motivation to the engineering specialties;
  • professional development of teachers in the field of Robotics and organization of experimental activities in the educational institutions the field of practical Robotics.

Applications could be provided till September, 15, 2013.

Galina Brusnitsyna, Director of ORT Career Center, Yekaterinburg, member of the Organiastion Committee of the project 

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4th ORT Robotics Olympiad


April 21, 2013 in Kiev the 4th International Olympiad in Robotics for teams of ORT network schools and partner schools in CIS countries, Baltic States and Bulgaria has been started. 12 teams from six countries came to the Olympiad to compete in six types of competitions.. Among them the first  time the teams from Lithuania, Estonia and Bulgaria are participating

Teams were getting acquainted with each other, preparing equipment for competitions, visited All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Robotics (which took place in Kiev's Sports Palace) and had a city tour, conducted by the Kiev Lyceum teacher Irina Friedman.
On April 23 the opening ceremony of the Olympiad was held. Participants were welcomed by the Kiev Lyceum Principal Yuri Kinkov and special guests. Audience was pleased with the performance of all students of the Lyceum, especially the "robot dance".

For school teams there were three kinds of competition organized: "Triathlon", "Tug of War" and the creative contest "Robots in Science." During the Olympiads within the seminar teachers will be able to share their experience in teaching Robotics.

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MetroWest visits ORT Odessa


A robotics workshop was one of the highlights of a great visit to ORT Odessa by our friends in the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest New Jersey.

As Anna Michurina, the Director of the ORT Odessa Centre and senior expert at ORTs research and design department said, It was a lot of fun. Some of our English-speaking students helped our guests to build their own programmable robots. It was an opportunity for them to speak to each other and create something together.

The workshop was part of a thorough tour of the school, which has 410 students from primary right up up to matriculation.

Other highlights included taking part in a Hebrew class and seeing a robotics competition between the ORT school and the Tikva religious school, which has established quality technology-related classes with the help of ORT and MetroWest.

It was Holocaust Memorial Day so we had a ceremony in which students sang songs, recited poetry and performed drama. Some of our guests were moved to tears, said Ms Michurina.

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Robotics seminar for teachers of ORT network schools in Baltic states


In the period March 18-22, 2013 on the base of Riga ORT Shimon Dubnov Jewish School (Latvia) training seminar Fundamentals of Robotics for teacher of ORT network schools in Baltic states was held.  There were 5 teachers from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia participating.

Within the frames of the seminar, teachers learned the basic sections of the Robotics course, developed in ORT, and got acquainted with the methodology of teaching the course at school.

The main objectives of the seminar was the familiarity with the structure of the course "Designing of Robotic systems", with different types of software for robots programming, the basic principles of design - have been successfully resolved. Special attention was paid to the programming of robots in the NXT-G language - a visual programming language in which the program is built using blocks of visual commands. Implementation of the basic algorithmic structures in that language and special facilities of that language were examined. During the workshop, participants were building different models of robots, writing programs for them, depending on the task, got acquainted with the methods of Robotics Olympiad tasks solutions.

 Teaching materials Designing of Robotics System and its using in educational process was presented successfully. 

Training package includes:

    • Work sheets for students
    • Work sheets examples
    • LEGO models instructions
    • Instructional materials for teachers


On the last day of the seminar it was attended by representatives of city educational administration of Riga. There was a presentation "Experience of teaching Robotics in the ORT school #94 in Odessa (Ukraine)" held for them, seminars participants demonstrated different models of Robots took part in the robot0s competition.

At the end of the seminar, all the participants received certificates of participation at the seminar and teaching package "Designing of Robotic Systems."

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Shadow Career Day in PrivatBank


Students of ORT schools in the CIS and Baltic states took part in the Shadows Career Day, organized in the framework of the international project "Global Entrepreneurship Week. This year students got the opportunity to visit one of the largest bank in Ukraine - Commercial bank "PrivatBank".
ORT constantly promotes profile orientation of students and regularly organizes programs of acquaintance with leading companies in their field. Students of ORT schools already have been in offices and have gotten acquainted with work of the various branches of companies and global leaders in the IT-industry, such as Hewlett Packard and LUXOFT.

New partner of ORT commercial bank PrivatBank, founded in 1992 in Dnepropetrovsk, and the leader of Ukrainian banking market with offices in the CIS and Baltic states shared it experience in the financial sector with 8-11 grades students of ORT CIS and Baltic states schools. The exciting excursions were organized in a PrivatBanks bank branch in cities: Kyiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Zaporozhie, Chernovtsy, Riga, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Samara, and Kazan.

The participants of the project were the students of Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum, Dnepropetrovsk specialized school 144, Odessa ORT school 94, Zaporozhie Jewish school "ORT Aleph", Chernovtsy Jewish school 41 , Kazan school 12, ORT "Mishpahteynu", Education Center 1311 ORT "Thiya", Samara secondary school 42, ORT "Geser", St. Petersburg High School 550, ORT "Shorashim", Riga Jewish school named Simon Dubnov.


Susanna Khachatryan, Manager of Regional Development Issues, ORT Ukraine


Writing competition Music of translation is the best cultural and educational project of the year


The traditional PEOPLE INVESTOR-2012 prize award ceremony with which the best innovative practices of companies committed to social responsibility principles took place in Moscow. Writing contest Music of Translation was arranged by the iTrex Translation Agency, a partner of ORT, and won the Best Project in the Educational Field nomination.

The crew of professional jurymen and expert team for the PEOPLE INVESTOR-2012 prize took notice of the Music of Translations uniqueness: this is the only socio-cultural project which was carried out by Russian small business company. While having the international status this competition promotes ethnic cultural relations in the Russian Federation and abroad.

Another peculiarity of the winning project is that it was held by resources and team of iTrex Translation Agency only, without any additional financial and sponsorship support.


Samara ORT School is implementing the "School Skolkovo" project


November 29, 2012 at ORT Secondary School # 42, "Gesher" within the framework of the "School Skolkovo" project courses to train teachers of the Samara region in Computer Science and Technology on the topics: "The implementation of the subject area of" Technology "as a means of building design process thinking" and "Elective courses design and technological orientation in high school" started.

According to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Samara region, ORT School has all the necessary resources to conduct such workshops. In particular, it is ORT Technology Centre including Laboratories "Computer Science and ICT" and "Technology" with modern equipment and software. And most importantly, School has highly qualified teachers with expertise and extensive experience in the information technology areas, enabling them to conduct workshops at high level.

Irina Pogodina, ICT and Technology Teacher, ORT Secondary School # 42, "Gesher"

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World ORT Chibur projects contest continues


World ORT Chibur projects contest,  devoted to the study of the history of Jewish families and communities, continues ...

In November 2012 there were seminars on the project in Russia, in Moscow schools - Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540) and Education Center # 1311 ORT "Thiya", in Bulgaria, in the Lauder-ORT No. 134 Dimcho Debelianov Jewish School in Sofia .

During the seminars, teachers and students were able to learn about the goals and objectives of the project, the contests conditions in the 2012/13 academic year, studied materials and examples of work posted on the project website In addition, special attention was paid to the methods of gathering and processing of historical information and technologies of preparing and deploying multimedia.

In the last academic year, the project Chibur involved 197 children from 13 schools of ORT network from 6 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, and Bulgaria. There were 10 group and 17 individual blogs about the history of the Jewish family and the community created.

In the new academic year, the contests format has been changed and now it becomes possible to create projects not only as blogs, but as sites as well. Respectively, there were 2 new nominations added as "Best Group Site" and "Best Individual site."

Prizes and awards are awaiting authors of the best projects!

Anna Michurina, Senior expert of R&D Department,  ORT CIS

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Music of translation


We invite school student of ORT network to take part in the competition of literary translation "Music of Translation 2012."

Last year it was the first time when a special category "Works of the students of the ORT network schools" was set up. Best young translators were awarded by prizes and certificates of ORT and ITrex.

The goals are:

to develop the students' interest to foreign literature and foreign languages in general (working languages of the competition are English and Hebrew);
improving language proficiency of students;
motivation of creative activity in foreign languages;
the creative potential of students.

Rules for participation

The competition includes a number of ORT network schools' students' translations of fiction and nonfiction works (including poetry, lyrics, articles from foreign language, blogs, etc.) from Hebrew and / or English into Russian.

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Science Fiction Contest initiated by IBS is in process


Science Fiction Contest initiated by IBS is in process.

All interested are welcome but there is a nomination for school students opened in partnership with ORT.

Please see details here- .

Anna Michurina, Senior expert of R&D Department, ORT CIS


Chernivtsi ORT students participated in the exhibition for the Day of Tolerance


12th and 13th, November, 2012 at the Museum of History and Culture of the Jews of Bukovina an exhibition "Together" devoted to the problem of multiculturalism in history and contemporary life of Chernivtsi and Ukraine in general. The exhibition was organized within the frames of the project "Overcoming stereotypes together", initiated by the Department of education of Chernivtsi City Council.

For the preparation of the exposition of the Jewish community attracted students of Chernivtsi ORT Specialized School # 41. Materials that are presented 11th grade students, make acquainted with the tradition of multiculturalism in their home town and in Ukraine, tell the history of the Jewish community and its prominent representatives, contribute interculture dalog, tolerance education, a sense of mutual respect and cooperation.

Ludwiga Tsurkan, Principal of the Chernivtsi ORT Specialized School # 41

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ORT breaks new ground in Mexico


Training has been the top priority for ORT in Mexico recently with two firsts: a summit meeting for NGOs and a Naomi Prawer Kadar International Seminar for Digital Technology in Jewish Education.

Twenty-five Jewish Studies teachers from Mexico, Ecuador and El Salvador came together at ORT-CIM school for the first Naomi Prawer Kadar International Seminar for Digital Technology in Jewish Education.

The four-day Naomi Prawer Kadar seminar attracted 25 Jewish Studies teachers to CIM-ORT, Mexicos first World ORT-affiliated school.


Seminar for teachers - a new step in bridging the digital divide for the deaf and hard hearing people


From 6th to 8th of November at the Moscow ORT Technology College (# 14) seminar for teachers of ORTs partner educational institution on ICT using in teaching deaf and hard of hearing in schools and institutions of initial and secondary vocational training "Bridging Digital Divide" was held.

The seminar was organized as a joint project of ORT in Russia, the World ORT and British ORT "Bridging Digital Divide", which is funded by the St. James's Place Foundation (UK). The project is aimed to help the deaf and hard of hearing students to master the skills of information technology, and thus provide them with more opportunities for social integration, professional development and financial independence.

As a result, 22 teachers from schools and institutions of primary and secondary education in Moscow, Tula, Tambov, Saransk listened lectures and attend master classes on how to use the latest advances in information technology in training deaf and hard hearing student, and became acquainted with the leading Russian experts in the field of education and special education.


Irina Silaeva, Program Manager, ANO "ORT"

Microinform" Director General delivered certificates of passing courses to teachers of ORT network schools in Moscow


September 14, 2012 in Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540) teachers from Moscow schools of ORT network were delivered with certificates of passing courses of "Microinform", aimed to improve the skills of secondary school teachers in ICT using.

The course took place from 17th to 29th of June, 2012, on the base of Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540). Within 2 weeks 27 teachers from the Moscow ORT Technology School and Centre of Education # 1311 "Thiya" (ORT) were receiving knowledge of new methods of teaching, using modern information and communication technologies.

The organization of such courses became possible thanks to the cooperation of ORT and "Microinform" company. "Microinform" at no charge provided the ORT school teachers with the opportunity to improve skills in using software package Microsoft Office 2010 and new OS Windows 7 comfortably. Classes were conducted by one of Russia's best trainers of IT courses for users, leading "Microinform" teacher Olga Lazaricheva.
Certificates were presented to graduates of the course by "Microinform" Director General Boris Fridman.

In response, the Director of Development of ORT Russia Mikhail Libkin expressed gratitude to Mr. Friedman for his support in the teachers professional improvement.

Teachers - graduates of the course - also noted that the training was very effective, they learned a lot and are ready to apply this knowledge in their work this academic year.

In conclusion, for the guest had a little tour of the school.

Irina Silaeva, Program Manager, ANO "ORT"

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Moscow School ORT became TOP ranking Cisco academies in Russia


Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540) took fourth place in the ranking of the all-Russian school Cisco Networking Academy.

Cisco has decided to reward its best school Academies in Russia in 2011/2012 academic year. Selection committee takes into account such factors as: the number of registered students, passed training and making tests; the number of students, had been completing the feedback form (Course Feedback) and have the successful mark of the passing the course (PASS), the average score of the student during the period of training, dynamics growth in the number of students from the previous school year.

The three best schools receive a full set of network equipment Linksys by Cisco. The next five schools receive one wireless router Cisco Linksys E1200.

Fourth in the ranking of schools is Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540), which only in the middle of the last academic year joined the Cisco and managed in a short time to prepare more than 30 graduates of the academy with a very high rating.

Mikhail Libkin, Head of IT Department, Director of Development, ANO "ORT"

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Robotics is not an obstacle for sport


In the period August, 14-26, 2012, there was a camp for Jewish school children aged 12 to 16 years old from Israel, Russia and Ukraine organized at a special children's recreation center "Lustdorf" within the program of Jewish Children Sport Union "J-Sport 2012".

Thanks to ORT children who came to rest in the Jewish camp this year, for the first time were able to familiarize yourself with Robotics in the creative workshop conducted by teachers of Odessa ORT School Igor and Olga Kot. Young technicians explored the world of Robotics in the course of development of programming and simulation of various designs. Creative and friendly atmosphere allows children to have great pleasure in realizing the most daring ideas and to compete robots in sumo, triathlon, maze, race, etc.

Anna Michurina, Senior expert of R&D Department, ORT CIS

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Participants of the World ORT English and Sciences Summer School will share their knowledge with students in their schools


In the period from July 29 to August 9, 2012 World ORT has been organized regular annual summer school for students of schools of ORT educational network in different countries. For nearly two weeks, children aged 15-16 years were not only improving their English, but also acquiring new knowledge in Science, visiting museums, going sightseeing, getting acquainted with the traditions and culture of Great Britain and the life of the Britain Jewish Community, and most importantly, communicating with each other actively.

Under the project, upon returning home, participants of the World ORT English and Sciences Summer School will be required to arrange for the younger students in their schools a series of half-hour conversation clubs. Young trainers face the task not just to give a few lessons to improve English language skills of their students, but to initiate an active dialogue in the language, being as both a leader and moderator.

Today, July 10, two participants of World ORT English and Sciences Summer School, representing the schools of ORT network in Russia, returned home. At Domodedovo airport, waiting for their flights home, they gave a short interview, sharing their impressions of the trip.

This summer Andrew Mairovich graduated from the 9th grade of Samara school No. 42, ORT "Gesher. Plans and ideas on how to organize conversation clubs with the students from his school, he began to think about already on the way home: "Our challenge is to educate those children who are studying in our school, who are younger. And to accomplish this task, the people who work in ORT in London, had a conversation with us, a talking, they explained to us the very essence and purpose of what we should do. We'll have to take a specific topic, not even a theme, but image, video, something like that, and show those who will participate in our classes. And they will have to try the English language to express their emotions, some of their thoughts. It could be difficult, but interesting. What we thought about this? I think that that we spent time with madrikhs in the camp, it will help us, because madrikhs engaged with us this: they gave us a theme, a phrase, and discussed with us. So we already have some story, some experience of others that we can use. "

Grigory Shubin, a little younger, just this summer he moved to the 9th grade of the St. Petersburg School No. 550, ORT de Gunzburg Shorashim. For him the experience of improving English language in the process of continuous and interesting communication with peers, tutors and lecturers became one of the most vivid impressions of the trip as well: " I liked the atmosphere in the camp, it was very friendly, I liked participatory events, that were organized for us ... It was a full practice in the English language, constant communication in English, which was the main spoken language there. This was new to me. "

Now the guys are waiting for another 10-days vacation, after which they again will be involved into their school life. But this year they will bring into it the knowledge and experience gained during the 12 days of participation in summer school in the UK.

Irina Silaeva, Program Manager, ANO "ORT"

Photo (left to right): Andrei Mairovich and Girgory Shubin

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"ORT-SPb" Vocational Training Centre is launching a new grant project for aged people


From September 2012 to October 2013 at the "ORT-SPb" Vocational Training Centre 80 aged people of St. Petersburg on a charitable basis will learn to work on a PC, to save in electronic form their personal photos, documents and other evidence of age and create their own electronic memoirs and reminiscences.

The main purpose of the new project "I build a bridge from the past: the electronic memoirs of victims of totalitarian regimes" run by the "ORT-SPb" Vocational Training Centre is the careful preservation of memories in electronic form, documents, photographs and other materials of the project beneficiaries: the aged residents of St. Petersburg (Leningrad) suffered from National Socialism and Stalinism, the inhabitants of the besieged Leningrad and the participants of World War II.

The grant project will be implemented in the framework of the international charity program "Dialog Forum" (Treffpunkt: Dialog), undertaken by CAF Russia with the support of the Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" (German acronym EVZ). The main object of the Program is to change the lives of aged people qualitatively, to fill it with new meanings and interests, to engage in joint work with the young.

One of the main problems of aged people in our society - it is the loneliness and the feeling of "loss of life." In addition to the social and material support, aged people need attention, sympathy, involvement in life and recognition that allows them to solve psychological problems, and hence improves the health and quality of life and so prolongs their life. Mastering the job on a PC aged people not only get new skills, but also engage in public life, which allows to solve the problem of their isolation. Aged people are witnesses and participants in many important events in our country. The experience and knowledge, personal testimonies of former prisoners of concentration camps and ghettos, war veterans, or the Siege of Leningrad is invaluable for understanding the history, for connecting generations and the education of youth. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of preserving and publishing memoirs and testimonies of these people.

The project "ORT-SPb" Vocational Training Centre is providing 80 aged St. Petersburg citizens with opportunity to learn to use a PC, digital camera, to process digital photos and to scan old photographs from family archives, to master the basics of working with text documents, to get up in electronic format their own personal photos, historical documents and memoirs. The duration of training is to be 6 weeks.

Photo archives and memoirs, diary entries and poetry are the evidences of era, saved and restored to life by hands of aged people, will be another message from the older generation to their heirs. Created during the training electronic memoirs will be posted online at the web-site of "ORT-SPb" Vocational Training Centre.
Another goal of the international charity program Dialog Forum does not stay away as well. Through participation of young St. Petersburg citizens in the project a fruitful inter-generational communication and co-creation of aged people and youth will be possible. One of the objects of the project is to collect and preserve the history of "the people". Young people, who will to participate in the project, be able to talk with witnesses of the events that took place not only in the history of Russia, but also changed the lives of people around the world. After listening to an aged people, by writing their stories and saving them in electronic form, the young participants of the project will not only help aged people to feel their importance, to realize that each of them  is not alone and in demand, but also to acquire new knowledge and greater appreciation of aged people. Active young people willing to donate their time and attention to pensioners, as well as to contribute to the preservation of memories of the elderly, victims of totalitarian regimes, can take part in interviewing older members of the project, scanning and processing of  documents, photographs and other archival materials, help older people in the creation of electronic memoirs, and much more.

Training and participation in the project, "I build a bridge from the past: the electronic memoirs of victims of totalitarian regimes" are available for ex-prisoners of concentration camps and ghettos, residents of besieged Leningrad, the victims of Stalinist repression, the people of the occupied territories, the participants in the Second World War, and other elderly people over 67 years, and the young St. Petersburg citizens.

Elena Makarova, PR-Manager, "ORT-SPb"



CAF Russia

ORT-SPb Vocational Training Centre

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The results of the International seminar for teachers and school specialists of ORT network schools and partners on the topic "Teaching Technology and Entrepreneurship at Schools" were summarized


In the period from July, 5-12, 2012, international seminar of teachers and school specialists  of ORT network and partner schools on teaching of technology and entrepreneurship at school was  held in Odessa. The seminar was attended by 22 teachers from Bulgaria, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. Classes and workshops were conducted by the invited speakers from Israel, Russia, Ukraine and Switzerland. The seminar was sponsored by the World ORT and the Hewlett-Packard Company.

The first part of the workshop began with a review of the HP LIFE program, presented by Ana Barfield, Training Programmes Specialist of the Microenterprise Acceleration Institute MEA-I (Geneva, Switzerland), which developed the program. Next, the participants were familiarized with the report of the "Global Entrepreneurship Week" in 2011 acting and discussed the work plan for 2012 and made their presentations on the HP LIFE program implementation in educational process. In conclusion, of the first part a discussion of modern approaches to teaching the basics of entrepreneurship in secondary schools was organized under the supervision of the Director of the Center for Youth Entrepreneurship Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS (Moscow, Russia) Elena Pereverzeva.

The second part was devoted to consideration of the "Technology for All", developed by the World ORT as a pedagogical base of the project  aimed to extend students opportunities to study modern technology. This part also included workshops and business games in design and technology, discussing techniques and sharing experience of teaching technology in ORT network and partner schools.

Within the seminars program particular attention was paid to the Robotics course, robots programming environments, reviewing and discussing the features of educational and methodical complex "Introduction to Robotics", Robotics in education in the ORT network schools. Also, participants had the opportunity not only to see a demonstration of the models of robots had been taking part in international competitions Robotraffic in Israel, but also to communicate during the videoconference with Evgeny Korchnoy Director of the Leumi Robotics Center, Haifa Technion Institute, based on which these events take place each year . Workshop participants met with Alexey Reshta, Senior Software Designer at Luxoft, a leading software producing company in Eastern Europe. Thanks to the help and support of Luxoft company teams of Russian and Ukrainian ORT network schools were able to go to Israel and to take part in Robotraffic competitions.

The range of topics discussed at the workshop was quite broad. As the ORT Russia Director Sergei Gorinsky said: "This year we take an experiment to include three different topics in the program: "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship", "Technology" and "Robotics." We did it because we believe that technology education at schools, which is the hallmark of ORT in the last decade, should be focused on the one hand, high technology, but on the other hand, on the innovative business ... Not just to invent something, one must also know how to set up business so that your ideas are translated into useful public goods and services. We are proud that our partners in the implementation of programs of technological and entrepreneurial education in the ORT network schools are such recognized leaders of high-tech business, science and education as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Cisco, Kaspersky Lab, IBS, Luxoft, Technion (Haifa, Israel) , Microenterprise Acceleration Institute MEA-I (Geneva, Switzerland) and Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS (Moscow, Russia). We hope that the meeting and workshop with the representatives from several of these organizations were helpful and interesting."


Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Stare of Israel to the Russian Federation visited Kazan ORT school


July 12, 2012, during a visit to the Tatarstan Republic, Kazan ORT "Mishpahteinu" Secondary School # 12 was visited  by the Ambassador of the State of  Israel in Russian Fedration Mrs. Dorit Golender.

She toured the school, focusing on newly built housing for elementary school.
In personal conversation School Principal Olga L. Troupp told about the history of the Kazan school with Jewish ethno-cultural component, long-term and fruitful cooperation between School and ORT, a friendly team of teachers and students and about the successes and prospects of Schools development.
At the conclusion of the visit, Mrs. Ambassador was invited to ceremony of opening of the new school building, which will accept students in this year September.

Semen Vainer, ORT Technology Centre Director, School # 12 ORT "Mihspahteinu", Kazan

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Teachers of ORT network schools in Moscow received advanced training in ICT using in educational process provided by Microinform Training Centre


In the period June, 18-29, 2012 at the Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540) was a course of Microinform Training Centre organized to improve the skills of secondary school teachers in ICT using in educational process. Within 2 weeks 26 teachers of ORT network of schools in Moscow - Moscow ORT Technology School and the Center of Education #1311 "Techiya" (ORT) - developed new teaching methods with using up-to-date information and communication technologies.
The organization of such courses became possible through the cooperation of ORT and Microinform Training Center.

 Microinform Training Centre provided to teachers of ORT network schools free of charge opportunity to improve their kills in using Microsoft Office programs and adopt the new version of Windows 7 comfortably. ORT specialists helped teachers to learn how to work with the most up-to-date training facilities: interactive whiteboards, document cameras, systems of network scanning and printing, etc. Also, teachers learned how to use educational Internet resources effectively.

Classes for working with the latest versions of such programs as Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook were carried out under the supervision of one of the best trainers in the Russian IT courses for users, a leading teacher of Microinform Training Center Olga Lazaricheva who used her own copyright of instructional developments.


Teachers of the All-Russia Children's Center "Orlyonok" were trained at ORTs Training-of -Trainers courses on HP LIFE program


In the period 19-23 June, 2012, at the All-Russian Children's Center "Orlyonok" teachers and specialists have been trained under the HP LIFE program.

HP Learning Initiative For Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE) a global program that trains students, potential entrepreneurs and small business owners to harness the power of IT to establish and grow their businesses. HP LIFE modular curriculum was designed by Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute, (MEA-I, Geneva).

Courses were conducted by Director of the Ekaterinburg "ORT-Career" Centre Galina Brusnitsyna. Ekaterinburg "ORT-Career" Centre is a part of international educational association World ORT, which is a partner of HP in the HP LIFE program in Russia and CIS and Baltic countries. Since 2007, the Ekaterinburg "ORT-Career" Centre operates on HP LIFE program and actively promotes the dissemination of new technologies among college graduates and unemployed youth and to increase the effectiveness of their professional activities.

Within 5 days 15 employees of All-Russia Children's Center "Orlyonok" - the camp heads, teachers, instructors, administrators and managers - improved their skills in the field of up-to-date information technology and mastered the technique of their teaching in order to transfer their knowledge to children who come to the camps of "Orlyonok."

All-Russia Children's Center "Orlyonok" (Orlyonok is Russian word, literally "eaglet") - the largest in Russia federal agency of childrens recreation and health, each year hosted about 16-thousand young people aged 11 to 16 years. It consists of seven camps for children, both summer and year-round. Now, thanks to the cooperation with HP and ORT international educational network, in addition to numerous interest groups in the area of ​​arts and crafts, and science and technology, children and teens in the camps of "Orlyonok" will have the opportunity to learn the basics of entrepreneurship and increase their knowledge of modern information technology.




ORT activity into the newest issue related to the history of Moscow Jewry


The book by Efim Ulitskiy and Dmitriy Feldmana "Jews in Moscow: the end of 15th - beginning of 20th century", relating to the history of the Jews in Moscow, has been published. It draws upon little-known or published for the first time original sources from state archives, museums and libraries as well as from private collections. Special emphasis is placed on the themes: emergence of the Moscow Jewish community and its spiritual leaders; outstanding Jewish exponents of the commercial and industrial circles, their business activities, charity and patronage; the contribution of the Moscow clerisy of Jewish origin to the Russian culture.

Along with other international and local Jewish organizations World ORT provided financial and material support at various stages of the exhibition and in the preparation of this book for publication.

Several pages are devoted to the business and charitable activities of the Polyakovs family. A separate section is devoted to the activities of the "Organization for the Distribution of Artisanal and Agricultural Skills among the Jews in Russia (ORT) since its inception in 1880, and until the cessation of activity in 1938.


Master-class on Robotics at the family event in the IBS office


June 1, 2011 in the office of IBS "Family Day" - a corporate event for employees and their families was held. There were a variety of activities and entertainment, including creative and scientific workshops organized.

One of the workshops was devoted to Robotics. Under the guidance of teachers of Moscow ORT Technology School Semen Ushkin and Ruslan Myronivsky, as well as the 10th year student Valerya Bockman, children collect robot models from Lego: senior group - a car that can change direction when encountering obstacles, kids - carousel able to move at different speeds. The building process provoked interest of both young and adult participants, and should be mentioned not only in order to help children, but completely independently.

In the Atrium of the office a demonstration of robots created by students of the Moscow ORT Technology School was conducted including cars that participated in the international competition "Robotraffic 2012"; robot artist, designed the for the ORT 130th Anniversary, and the robot-fireman, who had been taken part in competition in Israel.

During the demonstration Valeriya Bockman told about the Robotics study at Moscow ORT Technology School and her participation in various international competitions.

Irina Silaeva, Program Manager, ANO "ORT"

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Leo Baeck Education Center delegation visited Moscow ORT Technology School


May 16, 2012 the Moscow ORT Technology School  was visited by the delegation  of Leo Baeck Education Center (Haifa) including including Headmaster&Managing Director Dan Fesler and  Master in management of education systems and Hebrew Teacher Dora Zilberman . The visit was organized within the framework of the Jewish Agency project "Partnership 2GETHER International School Twinning Network", aimed to create a deeper and lasting relationship between people and organizations in the Jewish communities in the Diaspora and in Israel. The delegation was accompanied by a representative of the Jewish Agency  Arkady Hasidovich. The guests met with the Principal of the Moscow ORT Technology School Marina Moiseeva, and a number of teachers and school staff, got acquainted and talked with students, attended Hebrew, Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Fine Arts and many other classes, spoke with teachers and discussed the direction and prospects for cooperation.


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Students of ORT network schools, participants and winners the 3rd International Contest "Robotraffic" received awards from the IBS Group


April 11, 2012 at the IBS Group office a ceremony of delivery of awards and valuable gifts to the teams of winners and participants of the 3rd International Competition "Robotraffic held March 15, 2012 at the Leumi Robotics Center of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Israel Institute of Technology "Technion" was organized. Participating of school teams of ORT network from Russia and Ukraine in this competition was provided with the support of the Group of IBS.The major goals of this competition are to familiarize the students with the traffic laws; provide understanding of the limitations of the car and driver; motivate developing sensors and systems by students that in the long run, will be implemented in real systems in order to reduce the number of car accidents; educate the students in the high tech multi-disciplinary area of robots and sensors; develop team working environment.

"Robotraffic-2012 - 3rd International Competition, dedicated to the use of robots to improve traffic safety. Students team programmed miniature robotic vehicles traveling on specially marked course were competing there.

This year, the final stage of the competition was held March 15, 2012 at the Leumi Robotics Center of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Israel Institute of Technology "Technion". Along with 16 school teams from Israel there were 8 teams from Vilnius, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Kishinev, Moscow, Odessa and St. Petersburg participated. With the support of IBS represented by subsidiary Luxoft Company, students teams from ORT Technology Schools in Russia and Ukraine have been able to realize their dream and to go to a prestigious international tournament and make a sensation, winning prizes in several nominations.

In "Careful Driving" team of the Dnepropetrovsk city special school "Ohr Avner Chabad-Lubavitch" named after Levi Yitzchak Schneerson # 144 took first place for not making even a single mistake in both rounds. The team of Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia 1540) was awarded by the second place. A team of Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum took the second place in "Racing". The team of the Moscow ORT Technology School was the best among the foreign (non-Israeli) teams in the test for knowing of traffic rules.

ORT institutions have traditionally been the leading in technological education. Their graduates continue their studies at prestigious universities in their countries and abroad. Participation of ORT teams in "Robotraffic" competition became possible by the organizational and material support of ORT partner, the largest Eastern European software developer - Luxoft Company, a member of the IBS Group.

Expressing gratitude to the IBS Group for their help and support, Director of ANO "Educational Resources and Technological Training" (ORT) Sergey Gorinskiy said: "I'm from the generation of those who gathered in the soap dish transistor radios at school and runs on waste ground the missiles with an engine made of the 12-caliber sleeve. I was very lucky in life, and after I had finished Physics and Technical Institute, by and large, doing the same, but as the "grown-up." The technologies that we had created with my former classmates are as good as the world's best models even now. But it is no secret that in recent decades students interest to the technique fell down. As a consequence, with rare exceptions, our country is gradually becoming an importer of high-tech products, buying them for petrodollars. Among these exceptions, and so are our partners - IBS and Luxoft, who are not only leaders in the field of high technologies, but also support education.

The support provided by IBS and Luxoft to ORT network schools in the study of robotics is beyond conventional sponsorship. This is a substantial contribution of high-tech companies in the school technology education in Russia, which is modestly celebrated the twentieth anniversary this year. It is sad that during these twenty years, a change of name in the school schedule ("Technology" instead of "Labor") did not lead to a fundamental change in the content. School seems stuck in the past century. Without the support of high-tech businesses are unlikely to "pull out" school of the XXI century and to raise children's interest in engineering education.

ORT teachers. In turn, representatives of the IBS Group: Luxoft Vice President Technology Strategy Vasiliy Suvorov, Deputy Director General Vice President IBS Group Leonid Zabezhinsky and IBS Group PR Director Evgeny Kutilov told the young engineers and programmers about the prospects of the use of intelligent technologies in the automotive industry and how IBS specialists in different countries today pose a "smart car of the future." Luxoft Division is actively engaged in the development of software technologies such as communications systems between vehicles (car-to-car), information and entertainment systems, telematics and on-board Internet access. To date, Luxoft Automotive is a team of 400 professionals with extensive experience in programming real-time systems and embedded systems, specialized in the development of automobile interfaces, making the wireless and mobile networks. The customers of these solutions are the world's largest automakers.

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"Kaspersky Lab" and ORT have signed a cooperation agreement


April 3, 2012 "Kaspersky Lab" and ORT have signed an agreement on cooperation in the development of information security and the promotion of knowledge in this field.

Under the agreement, the partners plan to carry out joint development and implementation of training courses for students and teachers to various aspects of information security.

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HP LIFE: Day of defense of entrepreneurial projects of ORT students at MIRBIS business school



March 22, 2012 Hewlett-Packard Company, Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "ORT" and the Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS held a Day of entrepreneurial projects defense.

At the Center for Youth Entrepreneurship of MIRBIS for the students of this business school and senior grades students of the Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540) a meeting with representatives of HP and ORT was organized. There were

CFO, Hewlett-Packard Russia Alexander Roslavtsev, General Counsel, Russia & CIS at Hewlett-Packard, Olga Korneeva, Program & Administrative Specialist, HP Labs, Natalia Semenova, Sergey Gorinskiy, ORT Russia Director and Marina Moiseeva, Moscow ORT Technology School Principal attended.

Chief Financial Officer of HP in Russia and the CIS Alexander Roslavtsev presented for the students a lecture "The financial structure of the international corporation". Further, General Counsel, Russia & CIS at Hewlett-Packard Olga Korneeva outlined the main legal aspects of HP in Russia.

The second half of the meeting was devoted to the defense of entrepreneurial projects of students of the 10th profession-oriented socio-economic class of the Moscow ORT Technology School who finished the annual training program for HP LIFE. Discussion was supervised by the Director of the Center for Youth Entrepreneurship of MIRBIS Elena Pereverzeva.

Thanks to a grant received by the Shool for conducting the training course in the 2011/2012 academic year, senior grades students receive knowledge in two key areas. Classes on the HP-LIFE program of training for small businesses were successfully combined with the acquirement of the deep theoretical knowledge on entrepreneurship and business on the course of the "Corporation "Me", or how to start your own business?", which for many years provided by the Center for Youth Entrepreneurship of MIRBIS.

Children could learn how to start your business and how to make it successful in today's Russia, understand how business idea is growing and how it could be realized at the level of traditional business plan developing, how to find themselves in today's market of goods and services, how advertising and marketing campaign should be made, etc. Themes of projects chosen by students were interesting - from the global project - wasting recycling plant in the south of Moscow up to the Agency for dog walking, and a network of mini-bakeries.

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Photo: Director of the Center for Youth Entrepreneurship of MIRBIS Elena Pereverzeva gives ceritificates

ORT offers condolences, solidarity in wake of shooting


The murder of four people, including three children, outside the Ozar HaTorah school in Toulouse, France, this morning is a cruel and barbaric act which has shocked the entire community, the President of ORT France, Lucien Kalfon said.   Mr Kalfon has expressed his deepest sympathy to the Principal of the school, Yaacok Monsonego, who lost his eight-year-old daughter in the attack. The other victims were Yonathan Sandler, a 30-year-old teacher, and his two children Aryeh, six, and Gavriel, three; several others were wounded.   I have learned with great sadness of this mornings attack against your child, students and the teacher at your school. I deeply deplore this criminal act and its tragic consequences, Mr Kalfon wrote.   ORT France, its officers, staff and students share the pain and loss that you are suffering in these sinister circumstances.   You can be certain that we stand with you in this time of trial.   I offer my most heartfelt condolences together with those of everyone at ORT France. More

Send messages of condolence and support to Ozar HaTorah, at 33 Rue Jules Dalou, 31500 Toulouse.

Teams in the FSU are among the winners of the "Robotraffic 2012" competition


Teams of ORT network schools from Dnepropetrovsk, Moscow, Kiev and Vilnius became winners of the "Robotraffic 2012" competition.

March 15, 2012 at the Leumi Robotics Center of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Israel Institute of Technology "Technion" the third contest "Robotrafik" was held where this year 8 teams from Vilnius, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Kishinev, Moscow , Odessa and St. Petersburg participated along with 16 Israeli ones.

The results of the competition, traditionally devoted traditionally devoted to the problems of Robotics for traffic safety were estimated in 4 nominations: "Careful Driving", "Racing", "Theory test" and "Presentation.

In "Careful Driving" team of the Dnepropetrovsk city special school "Ohr Avner Chabad-Lubavitch" named after Levi Yitzchak Schneerson # 144 took first place for not making even a single mistake in both rounds. The team of Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia 1540) was awarded by the second place.

A team of Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum took the second place in "Racing". Their robots passed distance in 13.9 seconds (Israeli school "Sde Eliyahu" won the first place getting through 12 seconds).

The team of the Moscow ORT Technology School was the best among the foreign (non-Israeli) teams in the test for knowing of traffic rules.

The presentation prepared by a team of the Vilnius ORT Shalom Aleichemo Jewish school took the second place in the eponymous category.

We heartily congratulate all the winners and wish them further success!

We are grateful to our donors - thanks to their help our teams could take part in this competition: Eastern Europe's largest software developer Luxoft company subsidized participation of teams from Russia and Ukraine, and alumni of the ORT Technology Lyceum named after Gerzl in Chisinau, who had provided support for their school team.

Photo: teacher of  Dnepropetrovsk city special school "Ohr Avner Chabad-Lubavitch" named after Levi Yitzchak Schneerson # 144  Mrs Natalia Goshkador and 11th grade student Ruven Pyrtch

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Jewish cycle teachers master their interactive boards skills



March 12, 2012 under the supervision of director of ORT Resource and Technology Centre in Dnepropetrovsk workshop on working with SMARTBoard interactive boards for the teachers of the Jewish cycle of Mahon "Beis"Chaya-Mushka" was held.

This academic year the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community purchased SMARTBoards.

By forces of ORT Resource and Technology Center in Dnepropetrovsk several workshops for teachers of general education cycle were conducted.  

Now the boards are actively used in teaching in the classrooms and for the preparing for the Math Club meeting.

During the workshop each Jewish cycle teacher of the Mahon "Beis"Chaya Mushka" was able to try out the board with some simple operations, which in future will assist them in preparing lessons. In the near future teachers will hold their first lesson with an interactive board.

Director of Mahon Mrs Yalta Barak asked the staff of ORT Resource and Technology Center to show teachers not only the basic functions, but those "highlights" of the board, which will diversify the course of the learning process.

There are several activities for in-depth study of the program SMART Notebook planned.

Susanna Khachatryan, ORT Resource and Technology Centre Director, Dniepropetrovsk

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Dnepropetrovsk students learn fundamentals of entrepreneurship on HP LIFE program



This academic year at Dniepropetrovsk specialized school "Ohr Avner Chabad-Lubavitch Levi Yitzchak Schneerson # 144 within Economy course for the 11th grade a special course on fundamentals of entrepreneurship, based on "Idea" part of HP LIFE program is provided. Trainers of the programs: School Principal Michael Gugel, who teaches the theoretical part, and Director of ORT Resource and Technology Center Susanna Khachatryan, responsible for the practical lessons.
At the beginning of 2012 Principal together with the School Board of Trustees of the school was long-term plan of the school, which includes a program for the 10-11th classes on the basics of entrepreneurship developed.

The idea of this course came while Michael Gugel was participating in ORT seminar in Odessa, dedicated to the development of courses on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship on the basis of the program HP LIFE for high grades students.

Michael Gugel is a certified HP LIFE program trainer, he was trained for program developers and trainers of the Microenterprise Acceleration Institute MEA-I Geneva, Switzerland.

Susanna Khachatryan, ORT Resource and Technology Centre Director, Dniepropetrovsk

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Results of the annual HP LIFE program centers reports evaluation were announced


Classes at the Tambov ORT-KesherNet Centre


We congratulate all the finalists and especially our Russian colleagues from "City Development Agency" (Cherepovets) and Tambov ORT-KesherNet Training Centre with a victory!

Assessment of HP LIFE program centers reports for 2011 was completed.

Every year, HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE), gathers information and feedback from its global network of partners and training centres to understand what works, what could be improved and what has been achieved. 

The 2011 Report confirms that the program currently operates through 340 Training Centres in 49 countries and has reached over 1.2 million people worldwide through training, access to IT, social media and online activities.

The criteria to determine the top performing Training Centers who completed the online survey was aligned to the HP OGSI Scorecard for the HP LIFE Program, with particular focus on social impact generated.

1. Number of people reached with the program (face-to-face trainings and access to HP technology)

2. Number of people experienced business growth as a result of the training

3. Number of new businesses started-up as a result of the training

4. Jobs generated as a result of the training

5. Number of people who gained employment as a result of the training

6. Number of success stories submitted to HP (to be verified by COEs)

7. Innovative ideas for the use of the $10,000 USD cash contribution and ideas contributing to the sustainability of the HP LIFE Program

Based on assessment and review by HP and COEs, 10 Training Centers  of 5 regions will receive a cash contribution of 10,000 USD to further work on the sustainability of the HP LIFE program.


Moscow ORT College was awarded by certificate of management system conformity


In February 2012 Moscow ORT Technology College (# 14) was recognized of the high quality of work by the Certification Association of "Russian Register" and other international associations.
College became the first educational institution of vocational education that has received Certificate of management system conformity in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 in respect for the development and providing educational services in sphere of elementary and secondary vocational education, as well as the Certificate of Management System Conformity of the International Certification Network IQNet.

Olga Ivakhova, Head of International Exchanges, Moscow ORT Technology College (#14) 

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Two students from ORT schools network in Kazan and Chernovtsy took part in an International Conference devoted to Holocaust Remembrance Day


Two high  school students of ORT schools network from Kazan and Chernovtsy took part in the 12th Annual International Conference of students "The Holocaust: Memory and Prevention".

January 25, 2012 in Moscow, at the Holocaust Museum on Poklonaya Hill the XII Annual International Conference of students "The Holocaust: Memory and Prevention" was opened. It was attended by 20 high school students and their supervisors from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia (from Kaliningrad to the Urals). The conference was held under the auspices of the Russian Center and the Foundation "Holocaust" and the Museum of Jewish Heritage and Holocaust on Poklonaya Hill.

The plenary meeting devoted to the sources of the Holocaust history, the methods of its fixation and analysis was headed by moderator, Professor of Russian State Humanitarian University, Co-chairman of the Russian Center "Holocaust" Ilya Altman. It were presented two papers, including the report of the eleventh grade student from Kazan ORT school # 12 Mark Naiman, "Requiem for the nearest and dearest", in which he addresses the issues of culture of the Holocaust memory in the memoirs of the former ghetto and concentration camps prisoners.

The next plenary meeting, which focused directly on the Shoah history, Alexandra Abramova, the eleventh grade student of Chernovtsy Jewish School # 41 (ORT) has presented the work Holocaust with "Romanian tinge": a strategy for survival. Alexandras supervisor in her research became her mother, a teacher of Hhistory and Tradition of Jewish people, Natalia Abramova, who, together with Alexandra, came to Moscow for the Conference.

January 26, 2012 members of the International Conference of students took part in a ceremony devoted the Holocaust Remembrance Day, which was held with conjunction with the Foundation and the Center "Holocaust", the Movement "The World Against Nazism" , with the participation of the Council of Europe and the Moscow Government in the Memorial Synagogue at Poklonaya Hill.

The following persons attended and spoke there: Alla Gerber, the President of "Holocaust" Foundation, the Chairman of the Constitutional Law Committee of the Federation Council, Boris Spiegel, the President of the Russian Jewish Congress, Yury Kanner, the Ambassador of the State of Israel Dorit Golender, the Ambassador of Germany Ulrich Brandenburg, extraordinary ambassadors and cultural attaches of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey. The Council of Europe was represented in the hall by the large delegation.

But the participants noted that a very special impression on them made a meeting with Eva Schloss, who took a tragic way of the Europe Jews, running through Auschwitz, and after the war became the adopted daughter of Otto Frank, father of Anna Frank, a symbol of the Holocaust victims. The most striking and touching moment for all participants was the meeting of Ms. Schloss with former soldiers who set at liberty of Auschwitz in late January 1945.

Traditionally, during the memorial evening the award ceremony was held for the winners of the 10th International Contest "The Holocaust: Memory and Prevention". This year on the contest was registered 1775 teachers and students works received from 12 countries. Anna Abramova was awarded the Diploma of Laureate, and Mark Naiman the Diploma for active participation.

The winners were awarded by the Director of UN Information Center in Moscow Alexander Gorelik, the Head of the Board of Trustees of the project "Restore Dignity" Yuriy Dombrovskiy, the Director of "Evan Ezer" Boris Vasyukov.

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Irina Silaeva, Program Manager, ANO "ORT", using materials from the site of the Centre (NPC) "Holocaust"

Photos and Diplomas

With the support of Luxoft company the teams of the ORT network schools in Russia and Ukraine will take part in the competition "Robotraffic 2012"


Luxoft company has provided an opportunity for teams of six ORT network schools in Russia and Ukraine to take part in international competitions in Robotics in Israel.

Robotraffic Contest organized by the Leumi Robotics Center of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Israel Institute of Technology - Technion, traditionally devoted to the problems of Robotics for traffic safety.

According to the organizers the main objectives of the contest are:
1. Familiarizing students with the rules of the road;
2. Understanding the limitations of car and driver;
3. Development of sensors and systems by the contestants, which eventually will be implemented in real systems to reduce the number of traffic accidents;
4. Education of the contestants in the field of high technology (in the interdisciplinary field of robots and sensors);
5. Develop the team working environment;
6. Determination of the place of Israel in the forefront of Robotics systems for traffic safety.
Competitions are held in several steps (tasks): safe driving (when several car-robots have to move, following the rules and traffic lights, on a difficult track); race on speed; the presentation and test on traffic rules.
March 15, 2012 in Haifa, the third contest "Robotraffic" will take its place. Last year in this very prestigious competitions the team of ORT network school for the first time took part - two boys and a a teacher of the Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia # 1540): 10th grade student Kirill Yurkov, 11th grade student Alexei Shtern and IT and Technology teacher Ruslan Myronivskiy. Also the teacher of Dnepropetrovsk ORT Resource and Technology Center Natalia Goshkador were invited at the competition.

At the end of March 2011, during the Robotics Olympiad among ORT network schools in the CIS and Baltic States, held in Dnepropetrovsk, a videoconference was organized in which Ruslan and Natalie told about their experiences. Then the idea came of the participation of the best teams of ORT network schools in the CIS and Baltic States in Robotraffic 2012" .

In autumn 2011 between ORT and Luxoft - one of the world's leading companies in software development the arrangements to support in organizing the trip for the team of ORT network schools in Russia and Ukraine at the contest "Robotraffic 2012" were achieved. Luxoft experts involved in the process actively. During November - December 2011 students tours to the Luxoft offices in Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev took place. From Haifa to ORT network schools in Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Moscow, Odessa and St. Petersburg sets of equipment were delivered.Preparing for a competition is underway. Twice a week the teachers who supervised the preparation of teams are going to a conference in Skype and setting together dismantle equipment, technical and program issues. The candidates are already selected to participate in the trip, school teams train hard to show the excellent results in this contest.

Related links:

Tour of the Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum students to Luxoft office

Students of Odessa ORT schools visited Luxoft office

Students of ORT partner - school in Dnepropetrovsk visited the Luxoft company office


Jewish Community of Dnepropetrovsk Online. "Luxoft" Helps Jewish Students Get to RoboTraffic IT Competition

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day at Samara School ORT Geser


January 27, 2012 in Secondary School #42 (ORT Gesher) in Samara the meeting devoted the International Holocaust Remembrance Day was held. The meeting was attended by students of 8th 11th grades and Jewish organizations representatives.

After the anthem of the Russian Federation School Principal Svetlana Kosareva took the floor for greeting. In her speech she emphasized that the Holocaust was not only a tragedy of the Jewish people it was a tragedy for all the humanity that we should not forget.

Next there was the performance of ninth grades students the literary and musical composition "Street in the sky", dedicated to J. Korczak, the famous writer and teacher, the Principal of the Warsaw Jewish orphanage, who was killed with the children in the concentration camp Treblinka, sounded on the scene. Computer presentation on the subject was prepared by the student of the 9th grade, Sergei Ilivitsky. School dance group "Shemesh" showed the dance "Kahol' ve Lavan" ("White and Blue"). Kate Matveeva (8th grade) performed the song "Eli". The meeting was compered by Andrew Mairovich (9th grade).

In memory of 6 million killed Jews traditionally six candles had been lighted. After Israel's anthem, "Hatikva", the invited guests made speeches: the Chairman of the Jewish organization "Former Juvenile Prisoners of Concentration Camps and Ghettos", Bella Ilyina; a member of Samara Council of Veterans, Gis Schneider; the Chairman of Samara National Jewish Center Michail Kaplan. In conclusion, a documentary film "Children From the Abyss" was performed which caused a hearty response from the audience.

Inna Banova, Deputy Principal, Samara School # 42 ORT "Gesher" 

Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum was accredited with honor


According to the order of Chief governing body of education and science of Kiev municipality from 28.12.2011 265 About accreditation and licensing of educational establishments Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum was recognized as accredited with honor.

State accreditation expertise is held in Ukraine every 10 years. During October 10-25, 2011 commission of experts whose members were state education establishments inspectorate staff, highly qualified teachers and science workers held the inspection of Technology Lyceums activities including the inspection of pupils knowledge, conduction of tests, attendance of lessons. Also within the framework of this inspection Technology Lyceum held a seminar and master-classes for school principals "Introduction of information technologies into the high school educational process. Teaching experience of Technology Lyceum.

Not many schools in Kiev got accreditation with honor, such high appreciation is the result of joint work of the staff, pupils, parents and those who support the lyceum. Stay on course!

Maria Volchenko, PR Manager, ORT Ukraine

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ORT to open new vocational school in Haiti capital



As crowds of Haitians spilled out of church services last week marking the second anniversary of the earthquake which killed more than 300,000 of their compatriots, work was nearing completion on World ORT's new vocational school which, in a small but significant way, will be an answer to some of their prayers.   When it opens in the capital Port-au-Prince in the coming months, the school will fill a glaring gap in the country's reconstruction effort.   "Haiti is in desperate need of qualified manpower for the physical reconstruction of the country as well as for the rehabilitation of the crumbling economy," said the Head of World ORT's International Cooperation office in Geneva, Daniel Kahn.   "The vocational education system for Haiti's youth, weakened by years by a lack of funds and infrastructure, finally collapsed last year, unable to withstand the devastation of the earthquake. Ours will be the only vocational school in the capital."

The new school is World ORT's second project in Haiti; its programme to train construction workers in earthquake-resistant building techniques is drawing to a close after benefiting more than double the original goal of 700 graduates, thanks to new partnerships with UNESCO, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Fondation de France.

"The fact that the programme has been duplicated in other parts of Haiti shows that we were right," Mr Kahn said. "We're now producing a handbook for builders on anti-seismic techniques in French and Creole and developing a media campaign to raise public awareness of the need to use these techniques we've had instances of contractors complaining that our graduates insist on using the superior techniques they have learned with us."

Rebuilding the country has been a slow process not made easier by international aid donors delivering little more than half the $4.5 billion pledged in 2010-11. But Mr Kahn says there are signs of real progress now. Unicef, for example, reports that more than a quarter of the 4,000 schools destroyed or damaged in the earthquake have been repaired or rebuilt, benefitting tens of thousands of children.

But in a country where only 12 children finish 12th grade out of every 1,000 who start first grade, World ORT's school responds to the urgent need for an alternative to the traditional academic system, giving those who lack educational qualifications the means to secure a better future for themselves.

Funded by the Mexican Alliance for Haiti and the JDC, the school is part of a large, beautiful campus belonging to World ORT's local partner, Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH), and will initially offer places for 100 youths: nursing and telecoms courses for those who have completed 12th grade education and plumbing and carpentry for those who left full time education after the 9th grade.

Capacity will more than double by next year, with 250 students aged between 15 and 22, pursuing one-year diploma courses in building, electrician's and secretarial skills as well as those mentioned above.

"Many of the students will be referred to the school via NPH institutions, such as orphanages," Mr Kahn said. "In accordance with NPH and World ORT's mission in Haiti, priority will be given to those students from the neediest sectors of the population."

NPH and the Mexican Alliance have given World ORT carte blanche to define and implement the education and training and the result is the introduction to Haiti of a vocational model in which students alternate weekly between the classroom and the workplace.

"Not only is this a very good way to train workers the time spent in the workplace means that, on graduation, they have real experience in addition to their diploma and that is a huge help when it comes to finding a job," Mr Kahn said.

The ORT vocational school in Rue des Rosiers, Paris, uses the system to great effect more than 90 per cent of the young, disadvantaged people it trains graduate successfully and more than 80 per cent of them are employed by their host companies. It is helping to implement the system in Port-au-Prince and will also be available to train the new school's teachers.

"Young people are the foundations upon which a nation stands and this new school is an opportunity to share our long and proven experience in educating for employment with the youth of Haiti," said Mr Kahn. "It will not only train them in the skills most needed by their country but it will be a reference to be duplicated around the country, like our anti-seismic building programme has been." 

World ORT site materials

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Statement of Global Entrepreneurship Week in ORT Schools


Since the 14th to 20th of November, 2011 ORT schools took part in Global Entrepreneurship Week - worlds largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.

During one week each November, GEW inspires people everywhere through local, national and global activities designed to help them explore their potential as self-starters and innovators. These activities, from large-scale competitions and events to intimate networking gatherings, connect participants to potential collaborators, mentors and even investorsintroducing them to new possibilities and exciting opportunities.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a virtual project that brings together young people from more than 100 countries in the process of business games and training the best marketing solutions.

Also, within the framework of the campaign during the week, were held the meetings of potential entrepreneurs and famous business representatives to promote interaction and exchange of business ideas and knowledge.

HP LIFE program organizers took an active part in Global Entrepreneurship Week events in those countries in where the program operates.

During the action students from eight ORT partner schools in Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine have competed in two contests: the business game "Blossom Flowers", created by the Micro Enterprise Acceleration Institute (Geneva) especially for HP LIFE, and "The Best Marketing Material Contest", also prepared on the basis of HP LIFE developments .

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week groups of students from Moscow, Odessa, Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk visited the offices of major companies working in the IT sector:

HPs Shadow Day helps ORT students eye a brighter future

Tour of the Kiev ORT Technology Lyceum students to Luxoft office

Students of Odessa ORT schools visited Luxoft office

Students of ORT partner - school in Dnepropetrovsk visited the Luxoft company office

High school students of the ORT Moscow Technology School (Gymnasium # 1540) participated in a master class on social entrepreneurship. It was hold by Michael Podberezin, Director of the Russian programs of the Israeli-American PresenTense Group (Moscow ORT Technology School is studying social business).

Students of Chernovtsy Special School # 41 of 1-3 steps with advanced study of Jewish ethno-cultural component met with Director of confectionery company "Clepsydra" Mr. Kleiman, teacher of the course "Principles of Marketing" in Chernovtsy Trade and Economics Institute of Kiev National Trade and Economic University Mrs. Vlasova and Deputy Director of Commercial Enterprise Mr. Minkov.

Resulta of the contests

Moscow ORT Technology School received a gift from IBS



On the eve teachers and students of Moscow ORT Technology School (Gymnasia #1540) received a wonderful gift.

In the near future, thanks to the support of one of the leading international companies in information technology industry - IBS work places of Schools subject teachers will be provided with the up-to-date computer facilities.

Delivery of new equipment for the Moscow ORT Technology School is the first, but very significant step in the development of co-operation between IBS and ORT educational network.


Partners share a common view of human intelligence and information technology as the main factors that play a key role in creating a comfortable and secure world, promoting progress, economic development and improving quality of life in society.

As a national leader in the field of information technology, IBS's mission is not only to define the standards and vector of IT industry development, but to strive to be at the forefront of positive transformation and changing the world for the better.

The unity of purpose and values can become a reliable guarantee of further successful and fruitful cooperation between two organizations in the development and improvement of the level and quality of education through the active use of modern information and communication technologies.

Michael Libkin, Head of IT-Department, Director of Development of ANO "ORT"

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"Music of Translation" is the contest of literary translation for fans of foreign languages and literature


In 2011, "Music of Translation" will be held for the third time. The aim of the competition is to acquaint readers with the variety of foreign literature that has never been published in Russian before, as well as to provide creative and information platform the best talents in translation and interpreting of the Russian-language space.

During its existence, "Music of Translation" attracted thousands of works by more than 30 languages.

This year the professional jury will evaluate the translations from English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Hebrew, and in the online voting will be open to all work participated in contest without any exception.

Organizer of the contest is the iTrex translation agency in collaboration with partners - the leading socio-cultural organizations and leading companies in the field of education and information technologies, including the ORT.

The competition involved students from schools of ORT network. ORT and iTrex cooperation aims to improve the language competence of students and to promote them for creative work in foreign languages, as well as to develop students' interest in foreign language and foreign literature and to discover their creative potential in general.

The term of the Contest is from September, 30, to December, 20, 2011. Works could be submitted up to December, 10, 2011. Public online voting will be open until December, 15, 2011.

Contest web-site

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ORT Technology College in Berlin again



From November, 13th to 18th, 2011, students of "Advertising" and "Catering" faculties Moscow ORT Technology College had once again visited Berlin Guilds of Photographers and Candy-makers. These student exchanges already became regular. This year's trip took place under the sign of the 20th Anniversary of the Moscow-Berlin partnership.
German side was prepared excellent professional program of workshops and master classes at the end of which students had received certificates of training in the relevant professional Guilds.

November 15 group was invited to the Gendarmenmarkt concert hall on reception devoted to the 20-year Anniversary of cities partnership. There a presentation of a cake, prepared by Moscow students- confectioners at the Confectioners' Guild in Berlin was taking place.

During the visit, the students had got acquainted with a dual system of vocational education in Germany, met German students, visited places of production and learned many interesting things about the history of the city. Within the frames of cultural program excursion to the Museum photographs of Helmut Newton Foundation was organized. Newtons family created the fund as a "living organism", which never ceases to grow. Students also visited the Jewish Museum in Berlin (Jüdisches Museum Berlin), on two millennia of German-Jewish history.

During the visit the sides come to an agreement of continuation and development of cooperation with professional guilds, training and seminars conducting.

Olga Ivakhova, Head of Unit, Moscow ORT Technology College (# 14) 

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HPs Shadow Day helps ORT students eye a brighter future



Hewlett Packard opened the doors of its Moscow office to a group of ORT students recently to help them gain insight into the world of work.

Teenagers from Moscow ORT Technology School were joined by deaf students at the K.A. Michaelian Boarding School, which is supported by the St Jamess Place Foundation through British ORTs Bridging the Digital Divide project.

Accompanied by various senior figures within the company, they spent six hours learning about the companys structure, getting a feel for the demands of a working day and tips on career prospects.

One of the students, Antonina Mukhina, said HP staff shared a lot of information which she would find useful in planning a career now that shes graduating from school.

"It was a truly wonderful experience to feel a major international company from the inside. The staff were really positive and made us feel very welcome," Antonina said.

ORT Russia National Director Sergey Gorinskiy said the type of cooperation between ORT and HP was new to Russia.

Its not the usual limited relationship of funder and beneficiary, Dr Gorinskiy said. Rather, its a partnership of people dedicated to the shared ideal of providing access to modern technologies to the widest possible range of children and adults."

Natalia Semenova, Administrative & Program Specialist at HP Russia, added: "ORT is our long-term partner; we collaborate at the international level in various fields, such as the HP LIFE program. We hope that the Shadow Day for high school students will become a regular event and raise our cooperation to a new level. I'm very glad that the children were pleased by it."

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20th Anniversary of School # 1311 ORT "Techiya"



13.11 at the Concert Hall "Meridian" celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Moscow Centre of Education #1311 (ORT "Techiya") was taking place. The coincidence of dates and the Schools number is not an accident. As it is not a coincidence that in a large hall with 1200 seats, the audience sat even in the aisles. And there was no casual audience. They were students, teachers, alumni and parents - the guests and participants of the event.

The School was congratulated by the Head of the South-West Districts Board of Education, Mr. Alexey Alexandrov, Israeli Ambassador to Russia Ms. Dorit Golender, Director of ANO "ORT" Mr. Sergey Gorinsky. School were awarded by scrolls of the Prefect of the South-West District of Moscow, Mr. Alexey Chelyshev, Chairman of the Public Chamber of Russian Federation, Mr. Nikolay Svanidze, Executive Director of the Jewish Agency for Israel Mr. Nathan Scharansky, Head of the Israeli Liaison Office "Nativ" Mrs. Naomi Ben-Ami.

A hundred of graduates came at the Gala Evening: some of them were coming from other cities and even from abroad. And those who could not attend sent their video greetings. Guests and participants of the evening applauded the congratulations sent by partner schools of ORT network from St. Petersburg, Samara, Dnepropetrovsk and Vilnius.


Andrei Semenov, Director of ORT Technology Centre at Centre of Education # 1311, Moscow

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"Computer Science for Women's Business" course started in Dnepropetrovsk



In the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community training "Computer Science for Women's business" began for the women's group, organized jointly by "Program of support and development of new small business projects" and the "ORT" Resource and Technology Center in Dnepropetrovsk.
"Most women who have desired to learn our courses, know how to use social networks, Skype and other capabilities of the computer for communication and entertainment - says Susanna Khachatryan, "ORT " Centre Director in Dnepropetrovsk - we want to teach them how to use PC for business as useful and highly effective tool. For example, in Microsoft IDEA program they not only learn about the basic principles of working with PC, but also learn to use word processing, PowerPoint presentations creating, database programming, Excess, and in the future working with multimedia data, WEB-pages creation using FrontPage and will get acquainted with the basics of WEB-design. Also, women will be trained under the HP LIFE program.

Graduates of these courses will receive certificates from Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard both. In the meantime, they are trained by Susanna Khachatryan successfully in mastering the creation of files and folders in new Windows operating system and have been trained in computer typesetting, texts formatting and editing, which, of course, is the first and very important and useful skill for the modern business workflow.
Classes will be held on the program twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, but now the enrolling of new groups is carried out.

On Jewish Community of Dnepropetrovsk online

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HP LIFE Program webinar in October



On October 4, 2011 HP, the Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute MEA-I (Geneva) and ORT organized a webinar for certified trainers and managers of training centers working in the HP LIFE program. The purpose of the webinar was to inform the trainers about the new LIFE Curriculum, translated into Russian and to present the new online teacher-training platform, the LIFE Online Method.

The seminar was attended by 22 trainers and managers of HP LIFE organizations and HP LIFE training centers, from Belarus, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Ukraine. The seminar was opened by Natalia Semenova, Administrative & Program Specialist, HP Labs, of HP Russia.

Igor Belousov, Manager, who works with official bodies in Ukraine, CIS and Central and Eastern European countries, answered the participants questions about the recent changes within HP Russia, and their influence on the corporate social responsibility policy.

Then presentations were made by Sergey Gorinskiy, ORT Russia Director, and Ana Barfield, Training Programs Specialist, Micro-Enterprise Acceleration Institute (MEA-I, Geneva).

During this seminar, the participants learnt about the changes in methodology behind the new LIFE Curriculum; and were introduced to the LIFE Online Method, that, as already certified trainers, they can use to refresh their knowledge on how to deliver LIFE training.


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"We had not trouble ..."


October 1, Russia once again celebrate a holiday - International Day of Elderly People.
In anticipation of this date film crew TV channel "TV 100"visited

Vocational Training Centre "ORT-SPb": journalists interested in how the aged people of St. Petersburg are able to master their skills of working on computer.
ORT students have told reporters about their creative projects that will be implemented through the grant project "Digital Family Archive" (under the support CAF and Ladoga foundation). Albina Tress told about the gift, which she is preparing for her husband - in a virtual photo album will be collected the history of his ancestors; a photographer Victor Lobanov prepares to place in the Internet, both old and modern pictures; Raisa Lobanova hopes that, thanks to the project, she will find and collect new members of her extended family ...
Frankly, looking at the faces of people gathered in the ORT Computer Lab, language does not turn to call them aged or elderly. ORT students easily destroy the stereotypical image of "retired" they are working, creating, relaxing, traveling, gushing of energy, have an active life and learn new skills. And do not believe those, who say, that if you over ... you time is already came away. It all depends on you!

Elena Makarova, PR-Manager, "ORT-SPb"

See the survey of TV channel "TV 100" on this link.

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"Because of ORT" fashion show


ORT Strasbourg graduate Sophie Guermeur and ORT Moscow graduate Daria Dementova


September 21, 2011 Daria Dementieva, a graduate of the Moscow ORT Technology College took part at the  charity fashion show in London, hosted by well-known consulting company "The Future Vintage" to raise money ofr the schools of ORT network in the former Soviet Union countries. As part of a charity auction Darya sold 2 lots from her collection.

Read more



The Jewish Chronicle Online "Students give fashionable thanks" 

World ORT awarded exceptional four-star rating by Charity Navigator


Charity Navigator, a leading independent NGO watchdog, has given World ORT its top four-star rating.

After months of carefully scrutinizing World ORTs independently audited accounts for the years 2007 to 2010, Charity Navigator awarded the organization the highest possible ranking in all three categories: efficiency, capacity and overall.

The four-star rating means that World ORT is exceptional, exceeding industry standards and outperforming most charities in its field, according to Charity Navigators website.

This result is really a testament to the support and devotion of our lay leadership and to the efficiency and dedication of our professional staff. I believe we can all feel very proud of this accomplishment, said World ORT Director General and CEO Robert Singer.

Charity Navigator, which has been described as the gold standard for donors seeking information about the fiscal responsibility and financial health of non-profits, is Americas largest, most used evaluator of charitable organisations. Its unbiased, objective ratings for more than 5,000 of the countrys best-known charities indicates how responsibly they function day-to-day and how well positioned they are to sustain their programmes over time.

The organization found that World ORT raises one dollar for every three cents spent on fundraising and that its fundraising and administrative expenses together amount to only six per cent of total costs meaning that 94 per cent of its spending is on programmes. The full report can be seen here:

This is a superb result which vindicates the hard work we have put in over the years on our efficiency and capacity building, said World ORTs Chief Financial Officer, Steve West. The first stop for donors who want to know that their money is going where its meant to is Charity Navigator; this is a powerful validation of our trustworthiness.

Normally, Charity Navigator only reviews organizations granted tax-exempt status under section 501(c) (3) of the USAs Internal Revenue Code and that file a Form 990.

Even though World ORT is not an American entity, Charity Navigator agreed to evaluate the organisation as it would any other using our accounts which are audited by Ernst and Young. We feel its worthwhile to undergo this kind of scrutiny in the spirit of transparency and accountability to which we aspire, Mr Singer said.


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